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Issue #1285: The Best Desktop Wallet

Issue #1285: The Best Desktop Wallet

Nov 28, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1285: The Best Desktop Wallet

It's been a minute since I recommended a piece of bitcoin software in this rag. A lot of the content in recent months has been focused on macro events, the implosion of "crypto", protocol developments and bitcoin narrative framing. Feels like a good time to get back to the roots of why this rag was started in the first place; highlighting the tools that will help you manage your bitcoin to the best of your abilities.

When it comes to managing your UTXOs via a desktop application, there is no better option on the market than Sparrow Wallet. Whether you're looking to spin up a desktop wallet, manage UTXOs on a hardware wallet, or keep track of a watch-only wallet, Sparrow has everything you need. The software has everything you would want when managing your bitcoin; connect to your full node, straightforward coin selection, address labeling, detailed vizual flow of individual transactions, quality fee estimation, replace-by-fee and child-pays-for-parent capabilities, ability to increase the gap limit of a particular xpub, ability to choose an address type when creating a new wallet, and the ability to easily CoinJoin your UTXOs to increase privacy via Samourai's Whirlpool. This, freaks, is what a high performance bitcoin tool looks like. Craig Raw, the beast behind Sparrow Wallet, has built a tool that makes it hard to mess up UTXO management so that you don't completely bork your privacy as you transact.

I highly recommend downloading and using Sparrow if you are looking to get smarter about managing your bitcoin. As someone running multiple businesses that accept and produce bitcoin Sparrow has been an absolute game changer. The straightforward UX and advanced functions has reduced a lot of the stress that comes with UTXO maintanence across different wallet managers. Sparrow makes using bitcoin less daunting.

Having experienced the power of Sparrow myself I feel more confident than ever that those building tools for bitcoiners are moving us closer to a place where your average Joe could feel comfortable using bitcoin. Good UX goes a long way and Craig Raw has brought a significant UX improvement to the market. Massive shoutout to him.

Go forth and test out Sparrow!

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Final thought...

Uninterupted sleep is something to be cherished.

Sleep soundly at night knowing your bitcoin are secured by multisig.
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