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Issue #1280: The fear mongers are getting desperate

Issue #1280: The fear mongers are getting desperate

Nov 7, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1280: The fear mongers are getting desperate

As the fear of COVID has reached a nadir in the wake of people becoming utterly fed up of the government telling them what to do after years of failed policy that ruined businesses, delayed child development, pushed people into very dark states of depression, increased drug and alcohol addiction, made people more obese and took away individual bodily autonomy from tens of millions of people who were forced to get an experimental mRNA injection under the threat of losing their job and/or their ability to participate in the economy. People are angry, and rightfully so. The state made life materially worse off on this planet and has not been held accountable for doing so.

Instead of taking responsibility for their destructive actions, governments around the world and the special interests behind them have transitioned to 100% focus on their next scam; the cLiMaTe CrIsIs. In case you weren't aware, world leaders are currently congregating in Egypt for COP27, an annual event where the people most detached from reality meet to lecture the plebs on their energy usage and the dire need to transition away from the extremely reliable energy sources modernity depends on we (falsely) call fossil fuels. As you can see from the tweet above, the UN Secretary General took the stage earlier today to proclaim that "we are on a highway to climate hell." We can only safely exit the highway if we revert to wholly unreliable, more expensive and economically destructive wind and solar as our dominant source of electricity generation.

No one but environmental hysterics are really falling for this narrative, yet the kleptocrats who congregate at COP27 would like you to believe humanity is on the brink of collapse due to runaway greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the people speaking on these stages don't even believe their nonsense as is evident by the overt hypocrisy of the event itself.

How can these people expect anyone to take them seriously with these overt and egregious contradictions? We need to save the planet by flying private jets to Egypt to lecture everyone at an event sponsored by a company that is one of the largest users of fossil fuels on the planet? They do know that plastic is made from hydrocarbons derived from crude oil, don't they?

The reality of the situation is these kleptocrats fully understand the hypocritical nature of their posturing. And they don't care. Because at the end of the day these people aren't really trying to save the planet. They're trying to enslave everyone living on it. One of the most effective ways to do that is to increase the cost and decrease the reliability of energy resources. Once you successfully accomplish that goal people will be so desperate for a helping hand that the kleptocrats will swoop in with their hands and printed money and they will come with strings attached in the form of a centrally planned life.

"You can only live in this sized pod."

"You can only drive an EV."

"You can only eat our lab manufactured soy slop or this bug patty."

"You can't travel to this place."

"You can't buy these goods."

This is the goal of the parasites meeting at COP27 and their agenda should be wholly rejected by anyone who considers themself a soverign being who has agency over their own life and outcome. Luckily for us, it seems that the parasites are getting very desperate. This is made clear by how desperate they are making things out to be. They know they are losing the narrative and people aren't falling for it any more. Especially as the energy crisis unfolds in Europe. To try to steer the ship back toward their agenda, the parasites have to engender fear. They have to make everyone believe we are on a "highway to climate hell".

Don't give in to their fear tactics. Every data point worth looking at proves otherwise. Climate-related deaths have fallen by 98% over the last 30-years. Severe hurricanes are decreasing. And fossil fuels have pulled billions of people out of poverty over the last century. Don't let the parasites try to tell you otherwise.

Final thought...

Feels good to be back in Philly.

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