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Issue #1279: Society's problem is a simple one

Issue #1279: Society's problem is a simple one

Nov 4, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1279: Society's problem is a simple one

As we head into the midterm elections next week here in the US, I thought it would a good idea to expand on Tuesday's issue which highlighted the fact that it doesn't really matter who is in charge at any given point in time. Whether it's the red team or the blue team, slowly but surely over time the federal government - controlled by a slew of alphabet soup regulatory and intelligence agencies and the special interests they operate on behalf - will become bigger, more wasteful and more corrupt. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

I've been stewing on that issue for a few days now and think, while even though I am very certain that this is how the government works framing the problem in that way can lead to emotional responses because many people are so pot-committed to their team and its colors. This led to me writing the thread above in an attempt to distill the problem without triggering either side of the political spectrum. Let's take the emotion out of it and simply view today's society through the lens on emergent order and how it is being perturbed at the moment.

The areas of life that most people complain about today are money, energy, food, healthcare, education and governance. All of these areas are complex systems that are vital to a suitable quality of life for every human on the planet. These systems can provide a suitable quality of life for everyone, but only when they are able to thrive via emergent order. Each individual decision in each area is determined by an innumerable amount of variables that are highly reactive to hyper-local data. An individual budgets different than a family of five would. Certain areas are more conducive for a particular energy mix than others. Different lands produce different crops and livestock. Different people have different health needs. Individuals learn in different ways. And governance structures only scale to certain levels.

All of these complex systems are currently being absolutely neutered by central planning by the powers that be.

Central banks and governments control the money, can print it ex-nihilo and, as a result, drive a misallocation of capital and a wealth gap that borks people's ability to plan for the future and properly save their wealth in an easy fashion.

Governments, administrative energy bureaucracies, and climate hysterics are determining which energy sources are and are not acceptable for humans to harness. As these central planners attempt to brute force and energy mix on the world they are driving us down a path toward a cataclysmic energy crisis that could set humanity back a century.

Similarly, governments, their bureaucracies, and mega corporations are poisoning people and labeling quality foods as unhealthy due to a totally broken incentive system.

The antiquated Prussian control-by-schooling public schooling system here in the US which aims to make children obedient instead of critical thinkers is making the populace dumber than ever.

The federal government has become so bloated, unaccountable and drunk off debt that it is completely unable to provide any type of quality service to the populace it is stealing money from.

All of these things combined creates a pretty bleak reality filled with discomfort, anxiety, unhealthiness and anger. And while the talking heads on TV and the powers that be who benefit from this type of misery would lead you to believe that it is your neighbor, "the other", who is causing these problems the reality is the core of the problem to all of these issues is very simple; central planning that perturbs emergent order from doing its job of coordinating economic activity in a distributed and efficient manner.

Think about this as you head in to the polls to vote next week. Pulling a lever for a blue person or red person isn't going to stop the problem. They always tend to centralize things in one direction. The way to fix all of these problems is to remove the points of centralization in all of these areas and let emergent order do it's job.

This is why we Bitcoin, freaks. It allows individuals the world over to opt-out of the centrally planned monetary and payments networks and into a complex system that is evolving via emergent order. Go seek this out in every other area. Shake your rancher's hand. Homeschool or pod school your kids with like-minded individuals. Fade the federal government for your local government. Enact change in your town and hold the line from outside forces.

Stop treating your neighbor as "the other".

Final thought...

Forgot my charger again and finishing this on 2% battery.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.

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