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Issue #1276: Attack of the humanoid drones

Issue #1276: Attack of the humanoid drones

Oct 26, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1276: Attack of the humanoid drones

Last week I recorded an episode of TFTC with Tom Luongo in which he put forth a compelling thesis that the Fed is engaged in a financial war with a European banking system being heavily influenced by the Davos/WEF class. Essentially, the Fed is being used as a proxy by the commercial banks who have ownership stakes in the Fed here in the US to send a message to the Davos crew that they will not stand for a world run on CBDCs that stand to cut their businesses out of the picture. Fed policy in recent years has been in preparation for an attack on the Eurodollar markets. The attack includes the transition to using SOFR as a reference rate instead of LIBOR and rapid rate hikes this year that aren't really intended to tame inflation but to rekt FX markets and force European banks to drain their eurodollar reserves to defend the euro.

You can watch the episode here:

It's a pretty wild thesis, but it definitely makes you think. And when you consider the different incentives of the parties involved you can't rule this out as a possibility, even if it's a pretty wild one. One event that has made Tom's thesis sound more believable since we recorded was the ousting of British Prime Minister Liz Truss after serving 44-days in office in favor of Rishi Sunak, who seems to be one of the most robotic human beings to ever become leader of a major player on the global stage. He comes in second only to Fidel Castro's son who is currently holding our brothers and sisters to the north hostage.

During our conversation Tom described the recent moves in the British Gilt markets and the reaction from the Bank of England as an overt coup attempt against Liz Truss in an attempt to force her out of office. Lo and behold, two days after recorded Liz stepped down as Prime Minister and within a week Rishi the Robot replaced her without any election or even much of a debate. Very odd series of events if you ask your Crazy Uncle Marty. It's particularly interesting when viewed through the lens of Tom's thesis because Rishi Sunak's father-in-law just so happens to the Chairman of  Infosys, a company working to help usher in CBDCs.

Sunak's rise to Prime Minister is being joined by calls for England to reverse Brexit and rejoin the EU, which is very... convenient. Are we, the Common Man, witnessing an inter-cabal squabble between kleptocratic giants who are vying for control of the global financial system and, by extension, control over many of the world's critical systems? Nothing would surprise me at this point. I certainly can't say for sure one way or the other, but this is definitely a theme to keep an eye out.

As I mention in the tweet above, the silver lining of the attempt by globalists to brute force their agenda on the world is that they are forced to put forth completely robotic humanoids like Sunak who are so disconnected from reality that it is impossible not to be viscerally repulsed by their speech. Watch the clip above and ask yourself if this is really a man who gives a single fuck about making life better for the Common Man. I may be so jaded by the political-financial-media apparatus that the humanoid behavior of the kleptocratic giants on both sides of the inter-cabal squabble seems so blatently obvious to me, but I like to think anyone else out there with a half-way decent soul, a pinch of common sense and a bit of intuition can see through the charade as well.

We must rid ourselves of the influence these robotic humanoids have over our everyday lives, separate them from the control levers of money, and go about fixing the world ourselves and leaving them in the dust.

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