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Issue #1273: Break the frame

Issue #1273: Break the frame

Oct 14, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1273: Break the frame

Your Uncle Marty is a very passionate yet not-quite-articulate-enough commentator on the degradation we are witnessing across many parts of society today. I try by best to highlight concerning trends that I think you freaks should be aware of, explain why they are troubling, and do my best to illustrate the trickery that is being used to manipulate the masses one way or another. I think I do an okay job of it. However, this thread from Miles Suter is a tour de force in distilling the trickery being played on you. I highly recommend you take the time to read it when you get a chance.

The crux of the spells being cast on the masses in an attempt to get them to think a certain way about certain things and act off those media-manufactured feelings is owning the frame of "acceptable discourse and viewpoints". Everything presented to the public is binary in the eyes of the media and political establishment. You're either pro-Ukraine or pro-Putin. You're either pro-Democracy spreading via military expansion or anti-freedom. You're either pro-vaccine or anti-science. The way things have been presented to you creates the perception that there is no room for no middle ground or unique non-establishment produced answers to these complex problems.

In reality, there are better answers out there than what is presented to you by the media-political establishment, which have blended into a signle entity. The binary options presented to you are as far away from the truth as possible. That is because the binary options are often what leads to increasing conflict, chaos, and confusion which increases the ability for the power structure to further control the masses. Conflict, chaos, and confusion lead to fear and fear is the most powerful control mechanism out there. The power structure cannot present the alternative options because they could lead to peace, mutual understanding, and relative calm that leads people toward better outcomes that don't result in the power structure gaining more control.

Think about this as the nuclear war drums begin to get louder and louder as the power structure tries to instill more fear in the populace. Don't only think about it, but act by voicing the alternative options and narratives that lay before us. Do not let yourself get boxed in to the binary framework. Break the frame and create your own.

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Final thought...

Been a week of no sleep.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.

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