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Issue #1265: The power and land grab continues unabated

Issue #1265: The power and land grab continues unabated

Sep 21, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1265: The power and land grab continues unabated

There was a Gathering of the Ghouls event disguised as the "Clinton Global Initiative: Taking Action Together" conference yesterday in New York City. It attracted some of the world's most successful kleptocrats like Bill Gates and Larry Fink. Who have both profited greatly from the global disruptions caused by COVID-19 over the last few years. While we're not big fans of these Gathering of the Ghouls events that pop up from time to time, they are extremely useful in terms of getting some unique insight into the insidious plans these people have for you and me.

Yesterday's gathering was no different and, in fact, I think it may be one of the most insightful in recent memory due to how much choreographing that was on display. Particularly from BlackRock's CEO Larry Fink who joined Jeffrey Epstein's good friend Bill Clinton on stage for a panel discussion on how successful ESG has been at affecting change across markets. We're not even going to focus in on the fact that the Finkmeister believes that ESG policies driving energy prices higher is a good thing because it reduces the "green premium" that has emerged due to central planners attempting to force certain, typically uneconomical, forms of energy production on people. That statement is so obviously convoluted and exhibits a such a high degree of apathy for the billions of people around the world who are suffering because of the current energy crisis or because their energy infrastructure was already subpar.

What I'd like to focus on is what these insane people have planned moving forward, which is to merge the big banks with the IMF and World Bank so that they can commoditize emerging economies, load them up with debt, dictate policy via the strings attached to that debt, and absolutely pillage the people living in these economies. Essentially setting the stage for a massive land grab via the productization of natural resources (including the world's oceans) using the guise of a cLiMaTe CrIsIs as a justification for their evil plan. All of this is part of a plan laid out by the UN, which aims to get countries the world over to strive for "Sustainable Development Goals" or SDGs. In total, there are 17 different SDGs focused on every facet of your life.

Energy usage.





The list goes on.

These SDGs come attached with bureaucratic buzzwords that are meant to make you feel all fuzzy inside like "equity", "blue bonds", "green bonds", and "sustainability". All vapid phrases that attempt to leverage the positive connotations that come attached to them to lull the public into a false sense of security. Nothing these iniatives will accomplish will be beneficial for the people who eventually become subjected to them. This should be made abudantly clear by the planned partnership of the IMF, the World Bank, and the world's largest private banks who have absolutely decimated the global economy over the last 50 years for their own benefit. Any country the IMF has lent money to has been made materially worse off.

As we discussed earlier this year, Argentina has had an annualized inflation rate of 192% since 1944 and has taken out 21 loans from the IMF since 1956. If the IMF got 21 whacks at trying to right the ship in Argentina over the better part of 70 years and failed every single time as well as in many other countries, what type of self-respecting person would believe that them partnering with the banks who brought us the 2008 Great Financial Crisis that brought the worlds to its knees would lead to some global utopia where everyone in the developing world was lifted out of poverty and thrust into a world run on sUsTaInAbLe energy? It is utter insanity to believe these kleptocrats will produce a good outcome for humanity.

These people are gearing up for one of the most egregious and shameless land grabs in human history and if more people don't begin speaking out against their nefarious plans they will likely get what they want; full control over you. They wear nice suits and they talk about how they want to make the world a better place for their children and grandchildren, but, in reality, they want you obedient and docile so they can run train on civil liberties and human dignity without much pushback.

If you think this is just some baseless Crazy Uncle Marty rant, I highly recommend you check out the first article of a long series from Whitney Webb and Iain Davis that lays out their plans, the language they use, and their justifications in plain English. They are doing in-depth research into the UN's SDGs and what they'll mean for you and me if successful.

Sustainable Debt Slavery
In this first instalment of a new series, Iain Davis and Whitney Webb explore how the UN’s “sustainable development” policies, the SDGs, do not promote “sustainability” as most conceive of it and instead utilise the same debt imperialism long used by the Anglo-American Empire to entrap nations in a…

If reading isn't your thing today is your lucky day. I sat down with Whitney and Iain last week to discuss this subject and I highly recommend that you freaks take the time to sit down and listen to the interview.

This isn't some cRaZy CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRy. This has all been written down and choreographed by the members of the Gathering of the Ghouls. They are trying to rob the world blind right out in the open. It is our duty as people who just so happen to be living on this planet right now to stop them dead in their tracks. If we do not, the future of life on this planet will make Hunger Games look like an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

This is why bitcoin is an imperative moving forward. The people trying to embark on this massive land grab are heavily dependent on the money printers to get what they want. In a world where bitcoin succeeds, their money printers are rendered impotent.

Fix the money, fix the world.

Clip of the day...

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Final thought...

We're going to win.

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