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Issue #1247: An IRS Zerg Rush could be on the way

Issue #1247: An IRS Zerg Rush could be on the way

Aug 4, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1247: An IRS Zerg Rush could be on the way

Senators Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Chuck Shumer from New York have co-sponsored the "Inflation Reduction Act", which purports to solve the runaway inflation problem our country is dealing with by *checks notes* "curbing climate change, improving healthcare, and increasing taxes" via a significant injection of money into the economy. To be more precise, the two senators and those who vote "yay" on the bill plan to raise $800 billion dollars by creating price controls for certain medications, allowing medicare providers to negotiate drug prices lower, repealing the drug rebate in place, taxing methane emmissions and superfund sites, raising corporate tax rates and - here's the kicker - increasing tax collection by throwing $80,000,000,000 at the IRS so they can hire 87,000 new agents to harass Americans as they attempt to survive the chaotic situation the government put us in in the first place.

via Yahoo Finance

We won't even go deep into the details of how the government plans to spend this money. As you may have been able to guess, this bill seems to be yet another example of the government misallocating capital on an unfathomable scale and directing it toward things that are only going to put the country in an even more precarious situation. Especially when it comes to spending on the "green energy transition" which includes massive subsidies that will only serve to leave desperately needed infrastructure under-capitalized in favor of unreliable "renewable" infrastructure. Very fitting since we do live under a completely insane government and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Again, we won't dive into that here, but if you do want to get a glimpse into the insanity, I recommend you watch this ~10 minute clip from Alex Epstein on how this will affect the coal industry in the US.

What we want to focus on today is the utterly evil plan to expand the IRS's power by hiring 87,000 new agents to zerg rush the American people and shake them down for every penny they can find. Not only does the bill include hiring a new fleet of demon agents, but it plans to increase the number of tax audits throughout the country by 1.2 MILLION. A detestable number of audits that will increase costs on small businesses and middle class Americans and waste hundredes of millions of hours of time that could be spent... being productive throughout the economy. These poeple will be armed with weapons and a mandate from the thieves within the Federal Government to make the lives of ordinary Americans - who are simply trying to mind their business and enjoy their limited time on this planet - a living hell.

"Hey everyone, public confidence in the federal government is hovering at all time lows. Let's raise an army of tax collectors, arm them, and send them out to harass struggling middle class Americans and small business owners just as things begin to get back to some semblance of normalcy after we forced them to stay in their homes for the better part of two years."

What you're witnessing, freaks, is one of the tell-tale signs of a dying empire. When bread, circuses and entitlement programs begin to falter under the weight of their own stupidity it's time to send out the tax collectors to squeeze the populace dry of every penny possible and any joy that may be left lingering in their lives. It's like Joe Manchin and demonic Chuck Schumer opened up a history book and decided to plagarize the 4th and 5th century Roman playbook.

via International Man

We are leaving the "As debt increased, more tax dollars were needed to pay for the ever-increasing interest." part of the play and entering the "With each false solution, the burden for keeping the failing system going was placed on the shoulders of the merchant class and all those who produced goods for profit. Eventually, the burden became so great that unrest became prevalent. Draconian laws were instituted to keep the taxpayers in line. Restrictions on freedoms were implemented to assure that taxpayers found it more difficult to escape the system." climax of the beautiful shit show.

As we've been saying for many months in this rag, the unproductive class seems absolutely hellbent on making life as hard as possible for the productive class of people within this country who are responsible for the parts of our economy that are actually functioning despite the federal government's best efforts to destroy all productivity. Nothing makes that more clear than this "Inflation Reduction Act" which could probably be more aptly called the "Harass Innocent People and Double Down on Stupidty Act". I can sit here and vent all I want, but this is exactly what should be expected during the late stages of a dying empire. There are countless examples throughout history of power drunk governments bullying and intimidating their constiuents with over burdensome tax and collection policies. The unproductive class is completely losing control and the only thing they have left to do is use the threat of tens of thousands of guns to forcibly steal from the populace to eek out a few more years of plunder with absolutely no accountability.

The bill hasn't been passed yet so there is still a glimmer of hope that the American people will be able to avoid an all out attack from a government that is supposed to have their best interests in mind, but your Uncle Marty won't be holding his breath for a sense of sanity to escape Dante's seventh layer of hell which is more commonly known as Washinton DC.

Like I said yesterday, we cannot rid ourselves of these blithering parasites fast enough. They represent the worst qualities our species has to offer.

Final thought...

I'm am currently typing on my knees looking up to the heavens and begging God to intervene and make it so both my children sleep until 630am.

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