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Issue #1231: BIP 324 would bring encryption to bitcoin's P2P layer and it needs some review

Issue #1231: BIP 324 would bring encryption to bitcoin's P2P layer and it needs some review

Jun 27, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1231: BIP 324 would bring encryption to bitcoin's P2P layer and it needs some review


As some of you freaks may be aware, bitcoin is by no means a perfect system. Satoshi launched the protocol in January 2009 and gifted the world with a sly roundabout way to take money out of the hands of the government so that we can get back to an economic system built on truly free markets and an accurate pricing mechanism. However, that doesn't mean Satoshi was infallible. There are aspects of bitcoin that can be significantly improved. One of those aspects is privacy at the peer-to-peer layer where transactions are broadcast and propagated.

Since inception, peers on the network have been communicating with each other using unencrypted connections.  This type of communication leaves network participants at the peer-to-peer layer susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks where nefarious actors like governments can sit on top of the network and identify where nodes are being operated and which node is broadcasting which transaction. In fact, in a report that was contracted out by DARPA and released last week. The researchers (whose report was riddled with many inaccuracies) did correctly highlight this shortfall and pinpoint it as an avenue through which nefarious actors can attack the network.

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This is a critical attack vector that could be made significantly more secure by making it so traffic between peers is encrypted. Luckily for us, the is BIP 324, which would do just this. BIP 324 has been around for many years, but hasn't been merged and set live at the peer-to-peer layer yet. However earlier today, bitcoin core maintainer Wladimir van der Laan took to Twitter to signal boost BIP 324 and throw out a call to action to other developers for review of pull requests that have been standing idle for an extended period of time. It seems that this BIP has been neglected and could use some love.

Let this rag serve as a signal boost of Wladimir's signal boost. If you are a developer who is interested in making the bitcoin network more private and less susceptible to somewhat trivial attacks at the peer-to-peer layer, give these PRs some love by giving them a review and some feedback. Review is necessary to get the network closer to implementing better privacy tech into the bitcoin stack, if that review deems it acceptable and worthy, so let's push this issue forward.

While everyone and their mother is focused on the latest credit explosion in the space it could be a good time to get back to basics and drive value to the underlying protocol by making it more private and secure.  

Final thought...

I should have never mentioned that the baby had a couple of good nights sleep in this rag. Me and my wife have been gifted a string of all nighters.

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