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Issue #1196: The three pillars of stability are crumbling

Issue #1196: The three pillars of stability are crumbling

Apr 21, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1196: The three pillars of stability are crumbling

Outside of the nuclear family the three pillars of society are (in my mind, and in no particular order) money, energy and food. Money allows for efficient and scalable economic activity that enables individuals to acquire the things they need and want while others get compensated for providing them. Energy allows humans to become more productive than we could ever imagine. Food keeps us alive and nourishes our bodies and brains so that we can bring our productive ideas to life and bring them to other humans operating in the economy.

At the moment, all three of these crucial pillars are under an immense amount of stress.

As you freaks know, many countries are beginning to turn away from the US Dollar in favor of a basket of currencies due to the fact that the US government has taken its mask off and shown the world that it can weaponize the US dollar system against whoever it pleases. Couple the weaponization of the rails the dollar is moved on with the fact that the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the US Treasury has debased the dollar and benefited a small connected few in the process and one can't blame other countries for hedging their bets. In a clown world that is only getting more clownish by the day one cannot assume that they are safe from a US government gone mad with power. This point was made crystal clear yesterday when Israel, who is supposedly the number one ally of the US, announced that their central bank added the Chinese yuan and three other currencies to its reserves while reducing their USD and euro exposure.

Despite the fact that I believe the dollar is a shitcoin that is designed to benefit a few while making the Common Man materially worse off, I am also able to recognize that having a stable currency for trade is important for efficient trade throughout the global economy. For many decades the dollar has served as that stable currency, but that is changing rapidly. With more and more countries spreading their reserves between more and more currencies you can be sure that there will be an increase in friction when it comes to international trade in the coming years. Uncertainty in foreign exchange markets is rising quickly, causing the pillar of money to wobble in front of our eyes.

To make matters worse, the combination of many decades of terribly idiotic energy policy that haphazardly and hastily attempted to move whole economies from reliable dense energy source to unreliable less dense energy sources, a total disruption of global supply chains due to forced lockdowns of economies across the planet, and an exacerbation of both problems with the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and the geopolitical fallout it has brought with it has completely broken energy markets. The energy markets are so fucking broken that the chief of the IEA (International Energy Agency) came out this morning and declared that the world has found itself in the first GLOBAL ENERGY CRISIS.

Despite the fact that this energy crisis has been abundantly clear to anyone with half a brain who has been paying attention to things for the last few years, Western governments like Germany and the US are doubling down on their incompetence and virtue signaling. Germany refuses to stop turning off their very reliable, safe, and energy dense nuclear power plants because "they would be acting out of line with current regulations". And the US is doubling down on its commitment to be a "net-zero carbon emitter" by 2030 by refusing to allow new drilling for oil and gas on federal lands.

I can't tell if the world is being run by a bunch of idiotic psychopaths who have absolutely zero connection to reality or a bunch of evil psychopaths who have a desire to watch the world burn and make humans suffer greatly.

*puts tinfoil hat on*

Which leads us to the last pillar that is currently being eroded before our eyes; the food supply chain. I'm not sure if you freaks are aware, but there has been an abnormal amount of damage done to facilities involved in the supply chain of food to start the year. (Read this thread)

via @DylanRMarshall

Despite the fact that many major food distribution facilities across the country, including one of the largest in Azure Standard, have mysteriously gone up in flames over the past few months, there has been very little coverage of it in the mainstream media. At a time when the average American is struggling due to rapidly rising inflation, predominately with their food and energy costs, one would think that a (what seems to be) systematic dismantling of our domestic food supply chain would be a bigger news story and something that would drive people to search for immediate answers. However, this is not the case.

Your Uncle Marty Jones, fully equipped with his strongest tinfoil hat, is trying his hardest not to believe this is an intentional move by some nefarious actor(s) to push people into an even more desperate state but is finding it hard to believe that this isn't the case.

When you combine the rapidity with which the three pillars above are crumbling alongside each other it's hard not to believe that some nefarious plan is under way. Especially when one considers how avoidable some of the problems that have arisen are. Sensible energy policy during a global energy crisis and allowing the delivery of essential fertilizers during peak planting season seem like easy, low hanging fruit to begin turning the tides. Yet, the powers that be seem to be actively preventing this from happening. Actively working to make the situation worse.

All this leads to today's lesson of the rag; no one is coming to save you. Especially not the governments who got us into this mess. If these problems are going to be fixed, you are going to have to act. Actions that can be taken include; opting out of the corrupt monetary system, helping to decentralize the food supply chain by going out and supporting your local farmer/rancher, and convincing your state representatives to begin ignoring energy policy being doled out by the federal government. These people are leading millions to slaughter and you should not pretend that they are going to save you anymore.

Final thought...

We're gonna win.

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