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Issue #1193: I am very bullish on Chaumian Mints

Issue #1193: I am very bullish on Chaumian Mints

Apr 14, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1193: I am very bullish on Chaumian Mints

We've talked about Chaumian Mints in this rag before in the past, specifically MiniMint (built on the Fedimint protocol), and expressed how bullish we are on the concept and the benefits it could bring bitcoiners in terms of privacy and scalability. Well, we meet here in this dark corner of the Internet again to reiterate our bullishness on the project and to provide you freaks with an update from the people working on the protocol.

Above is a timestamped YouTube video that begins with a keynote speech from Obi Nwosu describing why he believe that FediMint can provide the bitcoin opensource ecosystem with the missing third pillar of the decentralized stack, custody. The bitcoin base layer provides an open source, distributed, censorship resistant store of value settlement layer. The Lightning Network provides a second layer, distributed, censorship resistant payments layer. Fedimint, if successful, could provide the stack with an opensource, distributed, censorship resistant custody layer.

Fedimint acheives this by creating a Chaumian Mint that makes it easy for competent technical leaders in a given community to create a multisig federation to process transactions for less technically competent community members. Federation members don't know who is entering or leaving their mint and they can't tell who is transacting within it. Making it impossible to target and censor specific individuals leveraging a mint. These are but a few of the benefits that come with Chaumian Mints.

I highly recommend you freaks check out Obi's talk and the panel with Eric Sirion and Casey Rodarmor led by Aaron van Wridum that follows. Very high signal over the course of forty minutes.

Final thought...

Ready for many consecutive 8-hour sleep nights after a few weeks of sleeping way less than that.

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