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Issue #1185: You are watching scripted theater

Issue #1185: You are watching scripted theater

Mar 28, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1185: You are watching scripted theater

Many people do not realize it but they are mindless audience members of a theatrical experience that is performed on the grandest of platforms; the world stage. The unwitting masses believe that they are "participating in democracy" by "staying informed" and making educated decisions at the ballot box. They believe that their politicians care for them and are working hard to ensure that their best interests are top of mind and priority number one. However, most of these politicians are nothing more than a cast of characters reading a script handed to them from an oligarchic class that is dead set on enslaving the unwitting masses by forcing them into a digital panopticon.

via Aaron Ginn

What you're looking at above is the script that one of the lead characters, President Joe Biden, was reading from today during a staged press briefing. As you can see from the underlined title of today's scene, our lead character was trotted out to imbue a "tough" posture against another lead character out of Russia, President Vladimir Putin. The scene involved a dialogue between President Biden and his supporting cast, the handpicked corporate press, who were told their lines beforehand and asked to recite them when called upon in a predetermined order. Due to the fact that we have access to the script and the luxury of retrospect, the audience got a peak behind the curtain and learned that the dementia-ridden lead character blundered his lines and didn't execute on the desired back and forth. He was pretty close though.

You really just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. The emperor(s) behind the American Empire has been naked for some time and many have been in denial but it is becoming increasingly hard to deny it. The masses are nothing more than pawns who have been thrust into the middle of a massive dick measuring contest between sociopathic kleptocrats who care not at all about the fate of the Common Man. They don't even try to hide it anymore.They are literally dangling their scripts in the open with the carelessness of a drunk. It is time to stand up, find the nearest theater exit, and leave the clown show behind forever.

Staying glued to the theater seats is what gives these kleptocrats power. If more individuals realized the power they had to end the madness by calling it out for what it is, a show, tuning out, and focusing their energy on more worthwhile endeavors - like destroying the central banking system by ushering in a Bitcoin Standard - the world would begin to heal at an incredible pace. The audience is currently feeding the War Machine and its dutiful front men by allowing the scripted madness to run their lives. Turn off your boob tube. Refuse to give in to their divisiveness. Take control of your own destiny instead of letting it be written for you by a bunch of evil people who see you as nothing more than a useless eater.

Final thought...

Had a friend dump about 20 goldfish in my pond outback. I think they're holding the front lines against a hoard of unwanted mosquitoes.


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