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Issue #1168: They don't want you to be free

Issue #1168: They don't want you to be free

Feb 22, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1168: They don't want you to be free

There has been no greater advertisement for Bitcoin throughout its existence than the authoritarian crackdown currently unfolding in Canada. The overt power grab which has resulted in the sudden unilateral freezing of Canadian bank and bitcoin exchange accounts associated with individuals who sent funds to or received funds on behalf of the Freedom Convoy. The terrorizing of peaceful protestors with harsh economic sanctions has awoken a mass of people both inside and outside of Canada to the utility of Bitcoin.

via CoinDesk

The Streisand effect has been turned up to 11 as the world watches what is supposed to be freedom protecting democracy devolve into a full blown dictatorship. For some reason or another, this seems to be an inflection point for bitcoin awareness that has been unmatched since the protocol was launched in 2009. WikiLeaks was an early adopter and the Silk Road was service built early on in bitcoin's short history, which both highlighted the network's unique value prop, but there is something particular about the situation in Canada that is waking more people up. Maybe it has to do with the fact that more people are aware of and familiar with bitcoin in 2022. Maybe it's the fact that these actions are being waged by Canadians, who are often thought to be some of the nicest, sensible and peaceful people on the planet. Who knows, but it's undeniable that this moment in history is playing into bitcoin's favor because it's utility as a peer-to-peer distributed network that can be controlled by no central party has never been more evident.

With that being said, as you can see from the CoinDesk headline above, the demand for bitcoin seems to be making the Canadian government more erratic. Actively reaching out to the CEOs of two cryptocurrency exchanges to reprimand them for suggesting that their users should self-custody their bitcoin to avoid having their funds frozen at the exchange level. Can't have the serfs taking control of their own money. The Canadian government prefers the serfs keep their funds at exchanges they can control via regulations and legal actions.

The mask has been completely ripped off. The true nature of the WEF controlled Canadian government is being laid bare. They don't care about civil liberties or the safety of their citizens. They care about being able to control them. They do not want Canadians to be free. And don't think for a second that this is isolated to Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government, there are control freaks planted in governments around the Western world who are simply looking for an excuse to follow Trudeau down the path he has chosen.

It is important that anyone who holds bitcoin takes the proper steps to get their sats into personal custody. It really isn't that hard to take custody of your bitcoin. You should certainly know and deeply understand the responsibility that comes with holding your own sats, but taking the first step of sending your bitcoin from the exchange to your own wallet is completely necessary. It's looking like the governments who are dead set on granularly controlling their populations are going to try to prevent you from doing so via regulated exchanges.

This is the fight of our lives, freaks. Do you want to live free or do you want to live under a Chinese social credit scoring system that gets imported to your country?

If you're looking to learn more about self custody, I did a segment on Tucker Carlson on Friday during which I explain how easy it is and why it's important.

And if you want to know what they have planned for you peep this clip from the recent Joe Rogan Experience episode with Maajid Nawaz.

Final thought...

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