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Issue #1141: Bitcoin is going to win

Issue #1141: Bitcoin is going to win

Jan 6, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1141: Bitcoin is going to win

There comes a time when a new technology comes around that completely flips the table. At first, people laugh at it and make fun of those who believe it has potential. Then it sticks around for a bit and many of those same people begin to sneer at it because they are a bit stunned that it is still around while a few of others come to like and adopt the technology. Then those who first believed in it and survived the snickering and sneering begin to become hardened and tune out any remaining snickering and sneering. And then eventually everyone capitulates as it becomes undeniable that the technology that was accepted by some and snickered and sneered at by others is here to stay.

It is here to stay because it provides humanity with a step function improvement on a previous technology that adds productivity, utility, and ease of use to all of humanity. Regardless of whether or not fearful naysayers are able to recognize this early on. Humanity has seen this happen countless times throughout history. We advanced from clubs to spears. From spears to arrows. From arrows to bullets. From bullets to missiles. From walking to donkeys. From donkeys to horses. From horses to cars. From cars to planes. From hand carved stone to hand written papyrus. From hand written papyrus to machine produced books. From machine produced books to the Internet.

When it comes to money we've gone from shells to beads. From beads to large stones. From large stones to hard metals. From hard metals to inflated paper. And we are currently in the process of transitioning from inflated paper to sound digital money in the form of bitcoin. Throughout history the superior technology has always won. It will be no different when it comes to Bitcoin.

Final thought...

The schedule is JAM packed these days.


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