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Issue #1125: The propaganda is about to heat up

Issue #1125: The propaganda is about to heat up

Dec 8, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1125: The propaganda is about to heat up

It seems that inflation is hitting the point where the federal government really needs the mainstream media to stop talking about it. As you can see from the tweet above, it seems that the White House is reaching out to newsrooms across the country to explain to them how to gaslight the American people about the state of inflation and the economy. Be on the lookout for shifting narratives around supply chain issues, the quality of jobs that are being created, and inflation.

I don't know about you freaks, but this seems like a pretty egregious breach from one of these parties or both. The white house shouldn't have the ability to round up a bunch of editors behind closed doors and tell them how they think they should be reporting on the economic recovery. Conversely, editors shouldn't be attending these meetings if and when offered. Though, I suspect these types of meetings aren't all that uncommon.

Journalists should simply report on the facts as they present themselves, not have the government dictate what they should talk about and how they should talk about it. This is extremely wishful thinking these days though. The mainstream media favors proximity to power and access over actually informing people these days. The struggle out there is real and it is only getting worse for businesses and individuals alike. I was speaking with my dad earlier today and he told me that he is in the middle of negotiations to lock in prices for beans for his coffee shop in 2022 and the suppliers want 20-30% more for their beans.

Inflation is inescapable. If it's not hitting you smack in the lip while standing in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store it's flying out of the lips of people you speak with every day as complaining about price increases has become the norm. People are feeling it, they are beginning to worry, and the government is taking notice. Instead of taking responsibility for the price increases caused by the forced shut down of the global economy, an inordinate amount of money printing, and increased regulations, they are attempting to double down with more mandates that are sure to drive more out of the workforce.

What's worse, the white house is actively working with news desks across the country to give them talking points to repeat ad nauseam in an attempt to gaslight the public that their lives are not materially worse than they were just a few years ago.

This problem isn't quarantined to the US either. Prices are rising rapidly around the world as the global economy continues to be completely borked due to unnatural interventions of many different kinds. Take a look at power prices in Germany.

Things are getting out of hand and governments are beginning to freak out to the point that they are attempting to feed newsrooms talking points to spoon feed "narratives" (lies) to the public.

Keep your eyes peeled for these narratives and actively work to consciously attempt to confirm them via your real world experiences. How much has your grocery bill changed? How much are you paying at the pump? Are you sitting there shocked by how much you could sell your house for right now? Know any people who have been laid off?

Final thought...

The 2-hour after bedtime wake up is a brutal one.


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