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Issue #1119: An interesting mining pool attack vector gets exposed

Issue #1119: An interesting mining pool attack vector gets exposed

Nov 26, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1119: An interesting mining pool attack vector gets exposed

Here's something that has been a bit below the radar over the last few days; it seems as if Chinese mining pools have been experiencing disruptions as DNS service providers have begun cutting them off from their services. These disruptions caused a material amount of hashrate to fall off the network as large pools like Antpool and Binance Pool were rendered impotent. As of right now, it is looking like we will have a downward difficulty adjustment in 211 blocks as a result of the disruptions.

via Clark Moody's Dashboard

Apparently, the move from Chinese DNS service providers is in reaction to the ongoing demands from the CCP to rid their communist country of the free and open Bitcoin network. In the process, highlighting an interesting attack vector that I, frankly, have not put much thought into. In light of these events, I'm very interested to learn how systemic of a problem this could potentially be for mining pools moving forward. Is the geographic and jurisdictional distribution of the world's DNS service providers sufficient enough to ensure this doesn't become a major threat to the network? Is it really a threat to the network at all? Is leveraging a DNS service provider simply convenient, and pools are leveraging that convenience? Are there ways to operate a pool without depending on DNS service providers? Hoping to have these questions answered in the coming weeks for you freaks.

While we're on threats to the mining industry, here's our periodic reminder that ESG is a Trojan Horse to neuter the mining industry and Bitcoin. Don't give zealots casting Malthusian fear spells about impending climate induced doom an inch. They will take that as an opportunity to try to cut your head off. These people don't really care about the environment. They care about control and they do not like that they cannot control Bitcoin.

Final thought...

The leftover sandwich post workout tasted extra good this year.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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