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Issue #1110: A full on assault from all angles

Issue #1110: A full on assault from all angles

Nov 10, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1110: A full on assault from all angles

As COP26, the UN climate change conference attended by the world's most prominent hypocritical virtue signalers, has ended and it seems like we're getting a full on assault from all angles against the oil and gas industry, which our modern civilization depends on. Even further, the attack on carbon emissions seems to be blending together with an attack on our food supply.

Here are a few things that flew down my TweetDeck over the last few days that highlight the fact that the United States is currently being run by insane people with no connection to reality or evil people with malintent.

First up, the avowed Marxists who Joe Biden has nominated to become the Comptroller of the Currency is openly calling for the oil, coal, and gas industry in the United States to go bankrupt. In other words, she's calling for us to continue down the path of becoming less energy independent and secure while destroying 9.8 million jobs in the process. This woman is dangerous and she should be chased out of the country.

Next up, we have the Ice Age Farmer making the world aware that the Biden Administration is currently issuing letters to farmers across the Midwest letting them know that the government is seizing their land using eminent domain so that they can build a 1,300 mile long pipeline that will transfer CO2 to be burried under the ground as some sort of carbon sequestration program. Alongside that pipeline they plan to replace the farmland with wind and solar farms that will do nothing more than waste trillions of dollars while destroying their local environments and leaving the United States with less energy and food security. This plan needs to be met with loud and aggressive backlash IMMEDIATELY. It is completely nonsensical and leads me to believe these people aren't incompetent but are pure evil. Listen to the 20-minute YouTube video when you get the chance.

Speaking of pipelines. Less than a week after President Biden practically begged OPEC to produce more oil as gas prices in the US continue to skyrocket in the wake of his administration banning new mineral leases on Federal lands and halting the contruction of the Keystone XL pipeline, it has become apparent that he plans to shut down the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline which provides the upper Midwest part of the country with reliable and relatively cheap fuel sources and quality jobs. The Puppet in Chief is speaking out of both ends of his mouth. All the LARPing he's currently doing about being worried about elevated inflation is nothing but a bunch of overt gaslighting since he plans to exacerbate the problem with a move like this.

Adults seriously need to begin standing up and fighting back against this utter nonsense. If we don't we'll wake up to find at some point in the not too distant future that we have destroyed critical parts of our economy with these moves. We're talking even higher inflation, rolling blackouts, and food shortages that lead to deaths. People's lives are literally on the line.

via Zerohedge

To top it all off, it seems that the spooks are beginning to start spreading the convenient line that Bitcoin is an attack on the US Dollar that is "on par with the January 6th attack on Capitol Hill" (which is an insulting statement in and of itself). The powers that be at the Federal Reserve and in the Federal Government have worked tirelessly over the course of decades to erode confidence in the US Dollar by printing it into oblivion while engaging in sloppy geopolitical dealings at the same time, which erodes international confidence in the US's ability to be the arbiter of the world's reserve currency. They would like everyone to conveniently ignore that and point their hyperinflation-induced ire at Bitcoin.

The time to counterpunch against all of this insanity with Truth and logic is right now. Spread the word.

Final thought...

I love living in a place where it's 80 degrees in November.


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