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Issue #1092: Hitting them from every angle

Issue #1092: Hitting them from every angle

Oct 8, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1092: Hitting them from every angle

It's been an incredible week for Bitcoin advocacy. The week started with the Oslo Freedom Forum in Miami where a number of human rights activists from around the world gathered to discuss the power of Bitcoin as a tool that can be leveraged to empower dissidents living under despotic regimes and the downtrodden around the world subjected to unstable currencies.

Not only that, but these dissidents and their peers went through a series of workshops and demonstrations that focused on ways to use bitcoin as privately as possible. An incredible event hosted by the Human Rights Foundation that highlights the raw power of the Bitcoin network to empower individuals the world over. And more importantly, the individuals around the world who desperately need the utility it provides so that they can preserve some sense of freedom and dignity.

And then today in Austin, Texas, there was an event hosted by the Texas Blockchain Associated that included multiple Senators and state representatives who rallied together to champion Bitcoin in the US. Another pleasant sight to see. This event had a strong focus on the growing convergence of the bitcoin mining industry with the energy sector. One talk that particularly stuck out to me was Senator Ted Cruz's discussion with Jimmy Song. Regardless of how you feel about Senator Cruz's politics, you have to admit it is refreshing to hear from someone in DC who really gets Bitcoin, its role in preserving freedom in the Digital Age, and how the bitcoin mining industry is going to revolutionize the energy sector. If anything, this is a great conversation to watch because you will come away having a better understanding of how most of the politicians in DC view Bitcoin. If what Senator Cruz said is accurate, we certainly are going to be fighting some intense regulatory battles in the future. The Bitcoin contingency needs to grow louder and assert our right to use free market money.

As I sit here in my screened in porch with a bit of sweat on my brow, I can't help but think of how incredible Bitcoin advocacy efforts have advanced in recent years. There are many ways to pitch Bitcoin to many different types of people and bitcoiners seem to really understand this and are moving aggressively to reach every type of person in ways that make them extremely receptive to Bitcoin and the power that comes with it. I only expect the advocacy to get better and better over time as Bitcoin continues to succeed and as bitcoiners get a better feel for what aspects of the network to lean into and when.

Exciting times ahead!

Final thought...

I love that my son is still outside for most of the day since we've moved.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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