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Issue #1089: Well that was fast

Issue #1089: Well that was fast

Oct 5, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1089: Well that was fast

It's been less than 24-hours since we posted yesterday's rag in which we warned of the impending encroachment on civil liberties in the name of protecting the public from the dangers of the Internet and Facebook is already out beating the drum calling for the creation of standard rules for the Internet. The call for more strict standards comes less than two days after a former Facebook employee appeared on one of the biggest propaganda programs in the US, 60 Minutes, to blow the whistle on Facebook execs knowing that their company was wreaking havoc on young minds. Anybody who's ever used Facebook could have told you that it's cancer for the mind for the young and old alike. That's why I deleted mine over five years ago.

via Disclose TV

Adults exerting their free will by subjecting themselves to the cancer that is Facebook seems to be a freedom that is just too free. The execs at Facebook are now asking Congress to create new "rules of the Internet" that would make sure individuals interact with the data sharing protocol in very specific ways. Like we said yesterday, this will naturally lead to your identity somehow being linked to your IP address or some other digital marker so that you can be granularly tracked and scored as you interact with others on the web. Again, these types of programs which force strict monitoring across the Internet are massive encroachments on civil liberties and will do nothing but ruin the user experience of the Internet while giving more power to the entrenched elite who live by a separate set of rules compared to us lowly plebs.

The push to herd us into their digital panopticon is heating up. Be on the lookout for increased utterances of "cyber pandemic", "the need to sanitize the web", and "digital passports needed to access services". These are phrases that will be used as justifications to strip you of your dignity. The ball is now in Congress' court. Let's see how they seize on this softball offered up to them by Facebook and their "whistleblower". We have a feeling they'll move to act quickly and as shamelessly as they always do.

Final thought...

First outside podcast rip in the new home studio. Pretty pumped.


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