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Issue #1082: More Weimar Tremors

Issue #1082: More Weimar Tremors

Sep 22, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1082: More Weimar Tremors

Nine days ago we highlighted the New York Fed's consumer expectations survey, which showed that consumers across the US are expecting elevated levels of inflation through at least 2023. In that rag, we mentioned that this consumer survey coupled with stories of people retiring early because of all of the money they've "made" speculating in the stock markets and on real estate is a tremor that warns of a Weimar-style hyper-inflationary event.

Well, we meet back in this dark corner of the Internet tonight to make you freaks of yet another tremor that is rumbling out there in the American economy; empty shelves at grocery stores. Now, usually, I wouldn't take two random pictures from Twitter and suggest that this is the norm across the country, it probably isn't yet, but the fact that Wawa (a Philadelphia area behemoth) has gone so far as to produce the above apology for a lack of goods due to supply chain shortages is a glaring warning in my humble opinion. Something is wrong and it feels as if we're slowly descending into a serious crisis caused by the attempted micromanagement of the global economy.

The externalities emanating from the decision to lock down whole economies and place onerous labor restrictions on businesses that are critical to a well-oiled supply chain are becoming impossible to ignore. And as these things become impossible to ignore, it's impossible to not allow the mind to wander to a place where one concludes that we are living through a controlled demolition of the economy in an attempt to cattle-herd individuals into a digital panopticon as the Regime tries to manage the decline of the Fiat System in its current form.

The combination of the nonsensical energy policy being pursued, the nonsensical vaccine mandates that could force millions out of the workforce, the nonsensical money printing, and the nonsensical halt of freight carriers from entering ports to unload goods being shipped in from other countries makes it hard to believe that those in power can display this level of incompetence. It is becoming harder and harder to not believe that this is the desired result of the Regime. It is becoming harder and harder to deny that those in control aren't utterly nefarious.

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Final thought...

Holy shit it's almost October.


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