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Issue #1072: The propaganda was strong today

Issue #1072: The propaganda was strong today

Sep 8, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1072: The propaganda was strong today

The US War Machine Regime was out in full force with propaganda to push two messages today; the inflation you're experiencing isn't really that bad and prepare for Biden's Six-Step Plan™ to return your freedoms.

Let's start with the inflation gaslighting. The head of Biden's National Economic Council came out to fed-splain the "transitory" bout of noticeable price inflation many Americans have been noticing in recent months. Fear not, subjects. Inflation is in line with historical norms if you remove some of the essential proteins that hundreds of millions of you depend on on a day-to-day basis. If you are willing to sacrifice quality nutrition for a static grocery bill you won't notice a damn thing!

It would be laughable if it wasn't so unnerving. The current Regime administration is actively attempting to convince the populace that what they are seeing isn't the truth. Nonchalantly pretending that people don't eat BEEF, PORK, and POULTRY. Even worse, they used a framing trick by only focusing on "the debate over grocery costs". Completely neglecting that this framing doesn't factor in rising prices at the gas pump. Or the potential for a rise in residential electricity costs as the supply chain for transformers becomes extremely strained as idiotic municipalities across the country continue to phase out reliable power generation for "reasons". Or healthcare, education, raw materials, and a long list of other items that have become more expensive or completely inaccessible. Brian Desse and his fed-splaining is the real life manifestation of this popular gif.

One must wonder, how bad are things if they are lying this overtly during press conferences?

Next up, we have the current Press Secretary of the current Regime administration pulling out a classic play from the altcoin pump and dumper's playbook; an announcement of an announcement. Making the public aware of Biden's Six-Step Plan™ to end the War on COVID.

"two weeks to flatten the curve"
"non-essential businesses must shut down until further notice"
"the vaccine will set you free"
"Ehrm... actually you need to take this booster too"
"Don't worry, we have a Six-Step Plan™" <--[you are here]

At what point is enough enough? When does it become obvious that these measures are about nothing more than control? How many logical inconsistencies and blatant lies are people willing to stomach before they wake up and realize the only way out of this nightmare of Malthusian-wizardry induced fear and control is to get over those fears and seize control of their freedoms by openly disobeying?

Tune in tomorrow to see if the Biden Six-Part Plan™ is the straw that breaks the collective camel's back!

Final thought...

The ocean was angry today.


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