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Issue #1056: The facade is paper thin

Issue #1056: The facade is paper thin

Aug 16, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1056: The facade is paper thin

There was something beautifully poetic about the Taliban overtaking Kabul, and therefore all of Afghanistan, on the 50th anniversary of Richard Nixon hammering the final nail in the gold standard by "temporarily" suspending the convertibility of dollars into gold. At some point in the future we may look back on August 15th, 2021 and mark it as the official end of the Fiat Standard. The events that unfolded in Afghanistan over the last week are a product of Nixon's actions, which were made to bolster the War Machine, coming full circle.

From a rooftop evacuation in Saigon in 1975 after a failed war in Vietnam funded to chaos at the Kabul airport after a failed war in Afghanistan. Two wars started under false pretenses that exemplified the hubris of our political class and the War Machine, which made out very well in both instances. Neither the Vietnam War nor our efforts in Afghanistan were really meant to protect the interests of the American public or their "interests abroad". They were both fought to serve special interests.

Focusing in on Afghanistan, there is a pretty strong case to be made that the war was never about "ending terrorism" but protecting the poppy fields that produced the opium necessary for the big pharmaceutical companies to produce the wave of opiates that has washed across the US over the last 20-years. As opiates became demonized in the West and synthetic fentanyl out of China became cheap enough, the US no longer needed to protect the cash crop of Big Pharma and began its pull out posturing. Leaving the country with a power vacuum.

Fake money to fuel fake wars to feed fake medicine to a docile and uneducated public. This is the state of the West at the moment, and it needs to change. The Fiat Standard has produced nothing but a facade of legitimacy and power that is becoming harder and harder to respect as inflation runs rampant, contradictions run amok, and the politicians have become too lazy to even give a modicum of effort into their fake explanations. We need to rid ourselves of this vicious cycle and the evil people who perpetuate it for personal gain. The best way to do that is to separate money from the state, at which point we will have a greater ability to separate ourselves from the state. The state run by the War Machine.

Are you happy with the state of things?

If you answered no to this question, you might want to think about removing the federal government from your life. Its version of a world Built Back Better is pretty harrowing.

Final thought...

The supply chain back ups are real. Went to buy a couch today and had to come to grips with the possibility of sitting on the floor for a few months.


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