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Issue #1029: More Modern Weimar Signs in the Wild

Issue #1029: More Modern Weimar Signs in the Wild

Jul 8, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1029: More Modern Weimar Signs in the Wild

We're at the point of the hyper-inflationary event that likely began last year where the corporate media attempts to shield those culpable of unleashing monetary madness by attempting to quell the masses with abject lies. The latest example of this is an article from the Fedsplainers (minus Rick Santelli) over at CNBC that attempts to assuage fears over inflation by reassuring their readers that there is a silver lining; wages are rising! As you can see from the "key points" in the screenshot above, rising prices aren't all that bad because wages may increase too.

via CNBC

Wow. Talk about corporate media damage control on behalf of the kleptocratic elite. The best part about this particular story is that they portrayed the possibility of wages rising as the lede when in reality the author of this article buried the actual lede in the last sentence of the article.

via CNBC

Anyone who has any common sense, who has filled their gas tank up, has gone to the grocery store, or attempted to buy a house over the last year understands that prices are rising at a breakneck pace across the economy and their wages have not increased by anything close to the same pace. This doesn't even touch on the fact that the only reason wages are rising at all is because businesses are attempting to bribe workers to get off the dole so that they can operate a smooth operation. At the moment, it seems that many on the dole are content with the free time the dole affords them and higher wages aren't really enough of an enticement to forgo that free time. They'd rather make less from Uncle Sam, but have the ability to smoke pot and play video games all day than waste time working a grueling hourly job to make a little bit more money and miss out on all the extra curricular activities the free time is allowing them to partake in.

Regardless of all of that, CNBC should be called out for journalistic malpractice for burying the very important fact stated in the last sentence of the article, which should have been the focus of the story in the first place. This article, if CNBC really prides itself on informing the public, should have been "Wage increases are unlikely to keep pace as the cost of living continues to rise." The way this article is portrayed via the title and the key points section is a literal psyop that is meant to keep the headline and article skimmers of the world unalarmed by the pace of inflation when CNBC, if it were a respectable media organization, should be sounding the alarms that inflation is running too hot and people should prepare for a significant decrease in purchasing power moving forward.

There are vipers everywhere. Be aware, freaks.

Final thought...

I pity the fool who has never enjoyed srapple before.


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