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Issue #1012: Layer 3 begins to bud

Issue #1012: Layer 3 begins to bud

Jun 14, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1012: Layer 3 begins to bud

I keep telling you freaks, many people are overlooking the Lightning Network and the utility it provides. As many confused men and women focus on the "DeFi" space, the primitives of a new Internet are being built, in layers, on top of the Bitcoin protocol. Nothing makes me more certain of this than seeing projects like Impervious come to market.

If you watch the YouTube video above you'll be introduced to a demo of how individuals can leverage Impervious' API (when it drops in a few weeks) to spin up a VPN using the Lightning Network and its routing nodes. A VPN is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applications that will be able to be built using Impervious' API. Once live, developers will be able to create experiences around data transfer and storage that leverage the Lightning Network in ways that attempt to preserve user privacy and offer alternative solutions that ensure data transfers are ephemeral, with no data being stored in a centralized server into perpetuity. Providing a way for individuals across the world who desperately need privacy preserving apps with no centralized third party involved to do so.

In short, it seems like we may be witnessing the beginnings of another third layer budding on top of the Lightning Network. This is a beautiful thing to see. What has me most excited after watching this demo and interviewing Impervious' CEO Chase Perkins earlier this afternoon, is the fact that you can create experiences that leverage in-band P2P communication between Lightning Network nodes to serve webpages. As you'll discover if you watch the demo above, the current size of webpages that could be served from nodes at the current moment is very small. However, I wouldn't be shocked if developers find a creative way to increase the size of pages that can be served via Lightning Network nodes in the future, creating an Urbit-like experience directly on top of Lightning.

Time will tell. For right now, it's pretty incredible to see the Lightning Network enable insanely cool and unique-to-Bitcoin/LN experiences that have the potential to provide incredible utility to those who need it most; those living under oppressive regimes like China and the US surveillance state.

Final thought...

Morning beach walks with my son and wife bring great joy to my life.


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