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Hello, world.

Hello, world.

Well hey there, freaks. I'd like to formally introduce you to this website, The next step in this weird journey I've been on since starting Marty's Ƀent almost two years ago.

The Ƀent was conceived during the beginning of the mania that turned out to be 2017. Brought into this world as a solution to the increased difficulty of responding individually to family members and friends who were curious to learn about Bitcoin. For some reason, people seemed to like it, the list of subscribers grew, and the Ƀent morphed from something I thought would be ephemeral, only lasting a few months, into something that has given me a great sense of purpose over the last 23.

As the audience grew beyond my close circle of family and friends, so did the demand for different forms of content. This, coupled with a serendipitous meeting with Louis Roberts, led to the creation of Tales from the Crypt, an interview series aimed at signal boosting the people working on and around Bitcoin. Whether it be developers building out the protocol, people writing and talking about its economic incentives, investors putting skin in the game, or entrepreneurs leveraging the protocol to start businesses; I wanted to provide a platform to help people come to understand Bitcoin via many different perspectives.

This too took on a life of its own, leading to calls for different forms of content. That's when I tapped our boy Matt Odell to start our weekly news show, Rabbit Hole Recap. Matt has constantly impressed me with his understanding of Bitcoin and his ability to disseminate that understanding very clearly. He is someone I am still learning from today. RHR has been an incredible addition to whatever it is that we're building here. (What the hell are we building here?)

We find ourselves at the point where there is demand for more content again and this site will be an attempt to meet that demand. Here you will be able to find all of the content we have produced so far (still working on loading up all of the Ƀent archives), as well as the new forms of content we decide to produce going forward.

As is par for the course here at this rag, we are going to take it slow and steady as we explore new ways of spreading the virus. Attempting to bring you a fun, relatable, and credible source of Bitcoin information.

Out of the gate, we've created a few things that we think you are going to like. A Random Final Thought Generator, some dope merch, a curated list of "Bitcoin Twitter",  and ways to contribute to and interact with the podcasts.

While this is certainly a step up from the Craigslist aesthetic you freaks have come to know and love over the years, this is in no way an indication that we will cease being rough around the edges in our weird corner of the Internet.

I'd like to give a huge shoutout to DJ Seeds, who built most of the functionalities on this site. Kid is a fucking stud. I'd also like to thank my wife, who has showed nothing but unending support and encouragement. And last, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank you freaks for the support you have shown and your continued interest in whatever this is we're building together.

Go forward! Run rampant around this site and let us know what you think.


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