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Understanding and Addressing Crohn's and Colitis | Josh Dech

Jan 22, 2024

Understanding and Addressing Crohn's and Colitis | Josh Dech

Understanding and Addressing Crohn's and Colitis | Josh Dech

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, collectively known as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), disproportionately affect the Western world, particularly North America. These autoimmune diseases present a significant challenge to those diagnosed, often leading to severe pain and discomfort. In an in-depth interview, we gained insights from Josh, a specialist in reversing Crohn's and colitis, who shared his methodology and success in treating these conditions.

Epidemiology of IBD
Statistics reveal a staggering concentration of global IBD cases in North America, which houses less than 5% of the world’s population. The severity of IBD symptoms can equate to the intensity of childbirth, as described by some of Josh's clients.

Treatment Approaches
Traditional treatment for Crohn’s involves immunosuppressive biologic drugs like antivio. However, some patients, including those mentioned in the interview, have sought alternative therapies. These patients have experienced significant improvements, with one individual presenting clear clinical results after twelve weeks without the use of biologic drugs.

Lifestyle and Recreation in Alberta
In a lighter segment of the interview, Josh, who resides in Calgary, Alberta, discussed the harsh winter conditions and recreational activities available, such as visits to Banff National Park and participating in the Highland games.

Specialization and Philosophy
Josh specializes in helping people reverse Crohn's and colitis. He expressed criticism of the conventional medical approach, which often deems IBD as idiopathic or genetic with a reliance on medication. His success rate is claimed to be around 90%, and he aims to spread awareness that these conditions can be addressed effectively.

Shift in Patient Demographics
There has been a noticeable trend in younger patients presenting with IBD. This shift suggests that the disease is not merely a result of wear and tear but can also arise acutely due to direct insults to the microbiome, such as antibiotic overuse or mycotoxin exposure.

Diagnostic and Treatment Process
Josh explained that his approach diverges from traditional medical practices. He conducts extensive patient histories and considers factors from birth to the present, examining lifestyle aspects often overlooked in conventional diagnostics.

Medications and Financial Implications
The interview highlighted the high costs associated with biologic treatments and the potential conflict of interest in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Josh advocates for a more rooted approach in addressing the underlying causes of IBD rather than relying solely on expensive medications.

Environmental and Dietary Factors
Josh emphasized the role of environmental toxins, diet, and lifestyle in the development and exacerbation of IBD. He pointed out the adverse effects of processed foods, seed oils, and gluten on gut health. Pesticide exposure, lifestyle stressors, and the impact of the 2020 pandemic on gut health were also discussed.

Holistic Nutrition and Global Practice
As a holistic nutritionist, Josh works with clients globally, navigating different legal frameworks while maintaining the focus on holistic health practices. He collaborates with various labs for testing as needed and tailors his treatment plans to individual needs.

Microbiome Considerations and Diet
The interview also touched on the microbiome's complexity and its relationship with diet. Josh shared his observations on the positive impact of animal-based diets, particularly in cases of bacterial overgrowth, and the strategic use of probiotics.

Josh Dech’s approach to treating Crohn's and colitis challenges traditional medical paradigms by focusing on environmental, dietary, and lifestyle factors. His practice demonstrates the potential for significant improvements and even reversal of symptoms in individuals suffering from these conditions. For further information or to seek help, individuals can visit and access resources including the "Reverse Able" podcast.


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