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HRF Launches Research Fellowship on CISA Protocol Upgrade

HRF Launches Research Fellowship on CISA Protocol Upgrade

Apr 4, 2024

HRF Launches Research Fellowship on CISA Protocol Upgrade

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has announced the launch of a research fellowship to explore the implications of Cross-Input Signature Aggregation (CISA), a proposed upgrade to the Bitcoin protocol. The four-month fellowship aims to analyze the potential benefits and risks associated with CISA, which could improve privacy and provide cost savings for Bitcoin transactions.

"The fellow will receive 50 million satoshis to support their efforts during the research and writing period," said Alex Gladstein of HRF, highlighting the foundation's commitment to a thorough and objective investigation of the proposed upgrade. The grant aims to encourage a comprehensive analysis on whether CISA would be a beneficial addition to Bitcoin.

The fellowship seeks to produce an industry paper answering critical questions about CISA's impact, including the specific privacy enhancements it could offer, the extent of transaction cost savings, the potential for CISA to become a default script type like Native Segwit, and its ability to reduce the effectiveness of chain analysis.

Additionally, the paper will explore how CISA might affect the Bitcoin Core and SegWit protocols, the interaction with other soft fork proposals, risks and downsides, and possible applications of CISA in creating for-profit services and apps.

HRF emphasizes an open-minded approach to the research, acknowledging that while CISA may not be a suitable upgrade for Bitcoin, it is essential to explore its potential thoroughly. The research is expected to meet the high standards previously set by, an earlier HRF-sponsored research initiative.

The current state of the CISA Research Fellowship is in the application phase, with potential future implications hinging on the findings of the forthcoming industry paper. The fellowship represents a significant step towards understanding the possible evolution of Bitcoin's technology and the broader implications for privacy and transaction efficiency within the Bitcoin space.



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