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How to Use the SeedVault Feature on Coldcard Mk4

How to Use the SeedVault Feature on Coldcard Mk4

Dec 30, 2023
Bitcoin Basics

How to Use the SeedVault Feature on Coldcard Mk4

The Coldcard Mk4 hardware wallet offers an advanced feature known as SeedVault, which allows users to create new seed phrases, import existing ones, backup devices like the Tapsigner to the Coldcard, and organize these seed phrases for easy access. This guide will take you through the process of using the SeedVault feature on your Coldcard Mk4.


Before you start, ensure you have the following:

  • A Coldcard Mk4, fully set up with a PIN and a seed phrase.
  • The latest firmware for the Coldcard, version 5.0.7 at the time of the original instructions, or newer.
  • Familiarity with Sparrow Wallet which will be used as the interface.

If you're new to Coldcard, consider watching the full Coldcard tutorial linked in the show notes provided by the original transcript.

Enabling SeedVault

  1. Access Advanced Tools: From the main screen of your Coldcard, navigate to Advanced Tools.
  2. Enter Danger Zone: Scroll down to find the Danger Zone menu and select it.
  3. Enable SeedVault: Scroll to find SeedVault and select it. Read the warning, understand the implications, and confirm if you want to enable SeedVault.

Using SeedVault

Creating a New Seed Phrase

  1. Generate Words: In the Advanced Tools menu, select Temporary Seed and choose Generate Words. Pick your desired seed phrase length (12, 18, or 24 words).
  2. Record Seed Phrase: Write down the generated seed phrase securely.
  3. Store in SeedVault: Select the option to store the temporary seed into SeedVault.

Renaming a Seed

  1. Access SeedVault: From the main screen, select SeedVault.
  2. Select Seed: Choose the seed you want to rename.
  3. Rename: Select the Rename option and input the new name for the seed.

Importing a Seed Phrase

  1. Import Words: In the Temporary Seed menu, select Import Words and enter the number of words for your seed phrase.
  2. Type Seed Words: Input each word of your existing seed phrase.
  3. Save to SeedVault: After entering all words, choose to save this seed to the SeedVault.

Using a Seed

  1. Select Seed from SeedVault: Choose the seed you wish to use from the SeedVault.
  2. Export for Wallet: Go to Advanced Tools, select Export Wallet, and pick the wallet compatibility, such as Sparrow.
  3. Load Seed on Wallet: Insert the SD card into your computer and import the seed into Sparrow Wallet or another compatible wallet.

Removing SeedVault

  1. Delete Seeds: Go to SeedVault and delete all stored seeds.
  2. Disable Feature: Navigate back to the Danger Zone, select SeedVault, and turn off the feature.

Security Considerations

  • The seeds in the SeedVault are encrypted by your master seed but are not stored directly on the secure element.
  • It's crucial to have multiple backup methods for your seeds. Do not rely solely on the SeedVault as the only copy of your seed phrase.

Backup Tips

  • Have redundancy: Ensure there are multiple copies of your seed phrases.
  • Be cautious with meaningful funds: Consider using SeedVault primarily for hot wallets, decoy wallets, or other non-life savings amounts.

By following these steps and considerations, you can effectively utilize the SeedVault feature on your Coldcard Mk4 to manage and secure your seed phrases. Always remember the importance of backups and proceed with caution when handling your seeds.


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