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How to Set Up Ronin Dojo Tanto and Link Your Samourai Wallet

How to Set Up Ronin Dojo Tanto and Link Your Samourai Wallet

Dec 15, 2023

How to Set Up Ronin Dojo Tanto and Link Your Samourai Wallet


The Ronin Dojo Tanto is a user-friendly Bitcoin node that emphasizes durable hardware and user privacy. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up the Ronin Dojo Tanto, link it to your Samourai Wallet, run Whirlpool for CoinJoins, and explore other features.

Part 1: Unboxing and Connecting Ronin Dojo Tanto


  1. Open the box and find the power supply, Ethernet cable, and rubber bumpers for the device.
  2. Place the bumpers on the bottom to prevent scratching surfaces.
  3. Note the sturdy build of the device, with an Ethernet port, HDMI port, and power connector on the back.


  1. Connect the power block to the Tanto and plug it into an outlet.
  2. Use the Ethernet cable to connect the Tanto to your router or splitter.
  3. Look for a red light at the bottom of the device indicating it's on and running.

Part 2: Initial Setup

  1. Wait about 10 minutes after plugging in the device before accessing your browser.
  2. Go to ronindojo.local or use the IP address of your device to reach the initial setup page.
  3. Back up the root user credentials as instructed.
  4. Set up your Ronin Dojo user password and make sure to back it up securely.
  5. Allow the Tanto to download and synchronize the entire Bitcoin blockchain.

Part 3: Linking Samourai Wallet

  1. Scroll down to the 'Dojo' section in your browser and click 'Manage' to bring up information to scan with Samourai Wallet.
  2. On your mobile device, open Samourai Wallet.
  3. Follow the prompts to create a new wallet, choosing backup directories and enabling Tor.
  4. Connect to the Dojo service by scanning the QR code from the 'Manage' section.
  5. Set a passphrase and pin code for added security, and write down your seed phrase for wallet recovery.
  6. Optionally, claim a PayNym ID for private transactions.

Part 4: Pairing with Whirlpool


  1. Download the Whirlpool GUI desktop app from the Samourai Wallet website.
  2. Download Tor Browser for your desktop.
  3. Obtain the IP address of your Ronin Dojo from the system info section (ronindojo.local -> 'System Info').


  1. Open Tor Browser to establish a connection.
  2. Open the Whirlpool GUI and set up the advanced remote CLI, using the Tor proxy settings.
  3. Use the terminal to SSH into your Ronin Dojo using the provided credentials.
  4. Navigate the menu to access the Samourai Toolkit and Whirlpool credentials.
  5. Copy and paste the required information from the CLI into the Whirlpool GUI.
  6. Pair Whirlpool with your Samourai Wallet by scanning the QR code or pasting the pairing payload.

Part 5: Using Whirlpool and Additional Features

  1. Send Bitcoin to your Samourai Wallet and wait for confirmation.
  2. Access the Whirlpool feature through the Samourai Wallet app to start mixing coins.
  3. Monitor the mixing progress on the Whirlpool GUI and the Samourai Wallet app.
  4. Utilize additional tools such as the Xpub tool, transaction tool, and address tool available in the Ronin Dojo interface.
  5. Access your Ronin Dojo remotely via the Tor browser on your mobile device.

Part 6: Accessing the Block Explorer

  1. Use the URL provided in the 'Manage' section of the Ronin Dojo interface to access your block explorer.
  2. Use Tor Browser to navigate to the URL.
  3. Enter the password provided under 'Bitcoin RPC Explorer' to gain access.


The Ronin Dojo Tanto offers a robust solution for individuals seeking privacy and self-sovereignty in their Bitcoin transactions. By following this guide, you can set up your Tonto, link it to your Samourai Wallet, and enjoy continuous CoinJoins with Whirlpool. Always remember to back up your passwords and seed phrases securely. Enjoy the enhanced privacy and trustless verification provided by your own Bitcoin node.


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