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GOP Greenlights $1.2 Trillion Spending Spree

GOP Greenlights $1.2 Trillion Spending Spree

Mar 26, 2024

GOP Greenlights $1.2 Trillion Spending Spree

In a move that has left fiscal conservatives disillusioned, the GOP, despite their House majority, has seemingly abandoned their stance on federal spending. As reported last week, the Republican Speaker, Johnson, acquiesced to a staggering $1.2 trillion spending bill, granting Democrats a veritable wishlist of funding.

The bill, a voluminous document exceeding 1000 pages paired with an additional 932 pages of explanatory statements, was released in the dark of night at 3 a.m., a time when transparency is seldom expected. The legislation secures the financial operations of six government agencies for the upcoming six months. However, it is the bill's less-publicized provisions that have garnered attention and criticism.

Among the controversial allocations is $750 million earmarked for a new national red flag center, a measure that has raised alarms among Second Amendment advocates. Additionally, the FBI is set to benefit from a new $200 million headquarters, a move some interpret as a reward for the bureau's recent activities.

The spending package also includes funding for various entities and initiatives that fall outside the traditional scope of government. Half a million dollars are allocated to the NAACP for its new headquarters, despite it not being a government agency. Furthermore, a million dollars is dedicated to an LGBT community center in Philadelphia, known for hosting monthly fetish parties—a questionable use of federal funds.

This pattern of expenditure not only points to potential corruption but also highlights the mechanics of the deep state, wherein the left leverages tax dollars to fund its activist operations, effectively creating a tax-funded activist army. Meanwhile, the GOP appears to compromise on such spending as long as it includes provisions for their interests, such as aid to Ukraine.

As the national debt balloons, currently accruing a trillion dollars every hundred days, the federal deficit is approaching an alarming 8% annually, a figure typically seen during severe recessions or wartime, suggesting a lack of fiscal restraint in Washington.

This latest spending bill raises serious questions about the priorities and promises of Congressional Republicans, particularly their commitment to addressing pressing issues like border security. With the federal deficit spiraling and contentious funding decisions being made, the state of the American economy remains a critical issue for constituents and policymakers alike.


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