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Former Pentagon Official Calls for Accountability Over Military Vaccine Mandate Fallout

Former Pentagon Official Calls for Accountability Over Military Vaccine Mandate Fallout

Jan 27, 2024

Former Pentagon Official Calls for Accountability Over Military Vaccine Mandate Fallout

In a recent episode of the "Buck Brief," Amber Smith, a former senior Pentagon official and combat helicopter pilot, discussed the troubling consequences of the military's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The mandate resulted in the discharge of over 8,000 service members who were willing to serve but opted not to receive a vaccine that was, at the time, unapproved and unproven. The punitive action taken by the Pentagon stripped these individuals of their pensions, livelihoods, and trust in the military institution.

The discussion with Smith highlighted the Declaration of Military Accountability, an initiative spearheaded by Navy Commander Rob Green and supported by 231 signatories, including Smith. This declaration seeks redress for the perceived abuse of power by senior military leaders in enforcing the mandate. The issue raises concerns about the obligation of service members to follow lawful orders, and whether the mandate was indeed lawful, given emerging data on the vaccine's efficacy and associated risks.

Smith criticized the current military leadership, particularly figures like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, as being more politically driven than focused on the well-being of troops and national interests. She pointed to a culture of no accountability, contrasting today's military with past eras where underperforming generals were frequently relieved of duty. The lack of repercussions for flawed decisions, such as the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan or the financial opacity within the Pentagon, undermines military effectiveness.

Addressing potential remedies, Smith suggested that a future Republican administration, possibly led by Donald Trump, should hold generals accountable, even to the point of court-martial for those who have acted unlawfully. She emphasized the need for military leaders who are not political operators but dedicated to serving the nation and upholding the Constitution.

Smith also spoke on what she views as the negative impact of "wokeness" and social engineering in the military. Her forthcoming book, "Unfit to Fight," delves into how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and similar ideologies are affecting military training and undermining the principle of meritocracy. She called for a return to a focus on military readiness and capability rather than social agendas.

Military Readiness and Progressive Ideologies: Congressional Hearing Raises Concerns Over DEI Infecting The Armed Forces
In a Congressional hearing held earlier today led by the Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs, lawmakers probed the impact of progressive ideologies on military readiness.

Smith's upcoming book, Unfit to Fight aims to shed light on these critical issues and is expected to release in April.


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