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Campaign Against Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Extension

Campaign Against Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Extension

Apr 20, 2024

Campaign Against Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Extension

Environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth (FOE) has initiated a campaign opposing the extension of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant's operational life. The California-based plant, which provides nearly a tenth of the state's electricity, is set to close by 2025. Governor Gavin Newsom, known for his stringent policies against fossil fuels, has advocated for the plant's continued operation to ensure energy reliability.

FOE argues that the environmental impacts of extending the power plant's life have not been sufficiently addressed or communicated to the public. Their campaign comes at a time when the U.S. Department of Energy is considering a $1 billion investment to keep Diablo Canyon open. This is in contrast to the stance taken by other groups and authorities on nuclear energy.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has recently been advised by a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to more thoroughly consider the "potential impacts of climate change on nuclear power plants." The report suggests incorporating future climate projections into safety risk assessments, which could potentially increase costs.

Douglas McIntyre, former editor-in-chief of 24/Wall St., and a recent Pew Research poll have highlighted public concerns over nuclear energy, ranging from memories of the Three Mile Island incident to the complexities of managing radioactive waste.

Contrasting opinions are evident within the U.S. regulatory landscape. Robert Hargraves, co-founder of ThorCon International, has criticized the U.S. for not building commercial nuclear power plants due to misinformed regulators. Similarly, regulatory hurdles have hampered projects like the six-reactor initiative by NuScale and Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, which saw cost estimates for power rise significantly, leading several towns to withdraw support.

Amidst these challenges, new initiatives are emerging. TerraPower, an initiative sparked by Bill Gates, is developing an advanced nuclear facility with molten salt energy storage, while X-Energy, in partnership with Cavendish, plans to establish a 12-reactor plant in England.

NuclearSAFE Technology co-founder Dr. Jimmy Etti-Williams has introduced a solution for radioactive waste management, SuperLAT, aiming to address global concerns regarding nuclear waste.

As discussions around the future of nuclear energy continue, an online event titled “The Path to Progress: Modernizing the NRC” has been announced by Nuclear Matters for May 2. The event will feature a panel moderated by John Kotek of the Nuclear Energy Institute, focusing on the need for modernizing NRC regulations to foster nuclear technology innovation.

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