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Market Tsunami: David Hunter Predicts Melt-Up and Bust

Mar 21, 2024

Market Tsunami: David Hunter Predicts Melt-Up and Bust

Market Tsunami: David Hunter Predicts Melt-Up and Bust

Key Takeaways

This podcast episode by Natalie Brunell features a conversation with macro strategist David Hunter, who has a reputation for forecasting a dramatic "melt-up" followed by a "global bust." As per his analysis, we have been in the melt-up phase since the prior October, with markets experiencing a steep rally that is expected to intensify.

Hunter outlines that melt-ups are rare events that signify parabolic moves at the end of a big cycle. He draws parallels to historical precedents such as the 1929 stock market peak, the Nifty Fifty in the early 1970s, and the tech bubble in the early 2000s. Based on his assessment, we are approaching the culmination of a 41- to 42-year secular bull market, and the current melt-up could peak by this summer, potentially with the S&P reaching 7000.

He predicts that after the melt-up, the markets could face a significant downturn, to the tune of an 80% correction. Hunter believes that the bust will be the result of over-leverage in the global financial system, further exacerbated by potential policy mistakes by central banks.

Hunter also discusses the role of money markets, institutional behavior, and investor psychology in fueling the melt-up. He anticipates that money currently in money markets could flow back into equities, triggering a steep climb in stock prices. Hunter warns investors about the difficulty of timing the market, emphasizing that many will likely miss the opportunity to exit before the crash.

As for the Federal Reserve's impact, Hunter expects that a pivot to easing monetary policy will temporarily assuage fears, giving investors false confidence and leading to an overheated market. However, he foresees a future where aggressive Fed measures to combat inflation could inadvertently trigger the bust.

He also touches on the potential for gold and silver to perform well, with pre-bust targets of $3000 for gold and $60 (possibly $75) for silver. Post-bust, he predicts these metals could reach even higher prices due to inflationary pressures.

Lastly, Hunter remains skeptical about Bitcoin as a solution to the bust, citing its "speculative nature" and preferring to see how it weathers the upcoming economic challenges.

Best Quotes

  1. "A melt-up is what I call the end of a big cycle parabolic move into a top." - David Hunter reflecting on the unique nature of melt-ups in market cycles.
  2. "We don't get those long secular moves very often, obviously. So it's a big deal, they'll be coming to the end of that." - Hunter on the significance of the current market phase as the end of a multi-decade bull market.
  3. "An awful lot of retail investors... who might say, no, I'm not smart enough to play this short-term, I'm going to stay out, if this thing goes another 40 or 50%, they're going to be the ones getting in at the top saying, oh, now people are telling me there's a long Runway. I can't miss this." - Hunter highlighting the common trap investors fall into during market euphoria.
  4. "It's a strange one in that way. But I look and say some things are really like they're coming out of bear markets." - Hunter discussing the potential for significant gains in certain market sectors.
  5. "It guarantees that something is, you're over-tightening and something's going to break." - Hunter on the risk of the Federal Reserve's current monetary policy leading to a bust.
  6. "The narrative that will drive us to the top will be basically soft landing, no landing rates coming down." - Hunter predicting the market sentiment leading up to the peak.
  7. "I don't think we'll see stock market at these levels again for at least decades." - Hunter on the long-term impact of the predicted market bust.
  8. "I believe the bust is going to be deflationary. I don't get caught up in the month to month ebb and flow that we're bullish now." - Hunter expressing his belief in a deflationary rather than inflationary bust.
  9. "Ultimately, it's not only that they're going to be resistant to it. To get to that right size policy that finally stabilizes things is going to take months. They are not mentally prepared for what's coming at all." - Hunter on the central banks' likely response to a financial crisis.


David Hunter's podcast conversation reveals a powerful narrative of an impending market climax, followed by a dramatic downturn. The episode paints a picture of an over-leveraged financial system, a central bank caught in a policy dilemma, and a market propelled by both greed and fear. Hunter's insights provide a sobering reminder of the cyclicality of markets and the perils of speculative excess.

The overarching message from Hunter is clear: the markets are on the brink of a historic shift, and investors must navigate the waters with caution and an eye for the long-term implications of their decisions. As we ponder Hunter's predictions, the key takeaway is the importance of understanding market cycles, recognizing the signs of excess, and preparing for the potential repercussions of a global financial reset.


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