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Inspiring Young Minds to Embrace Free-Market Values with Connor Boyack

Inspiring Young Minds to Embrace Free-Market Values with Connor Boyack

Feb 17, 2024

Inspiring Young Minds to Embrace Free-Market Values with Connor Boyack

Key Takeaways

The Tom Woods Show's episode 2451 features a fascinating discussion with Connor Boyack, a former tech guy turned prolific author and President of the Libertas Institute. Boyack is well-known for his creation of the Tuttle Twins children's book series, a collection that has significantly impacted the promotion of liberty and free-market principles among young readers. The episode delves into Boyack's latest initiative, the Children's Entrepreneur Market program, which aims to instill entrepreneurial skills in children by allowing them to run their own market stalls without permits or licenses, thus experiencing firsthand the principles of free enterprise.

Connor Boyack's journey from tech support to a key figure in the liberty movement is an inspiring tale of talent and ambition. His work with the Libertas Institute has evolved from a public policy group to a broader mission of changing hearts, minds, and laws across the country.

The growth of the Children’s Entrepreneur Market program is nothing short of remarkable. Starting in Utah, the program has expanded to several other states, with plans to go national. This initiative not only provides children with a platform to learn and earn through entrepreneurship but also serves as a strategic tool to spread the principles of free markets and liberty by giving participants lived experiences that naturally foster an appreciation for these concepts.

Best Quotes

  1. "Entrepreneurship is a very effective way to get people interested in the ideas of free enterprise without beating them over the head with a white paper or a book." - Connor Boyack contextualizes the strategic importance of the Children’s Entrepreneur Market program in promoting libertarian values.
  2. "It's not about what I want or what I am entitled to. It's about how do I create something of value to this other person so that we can have this mutual win-win exchange." - Connor Boyack on the fundamental lesson of entrepreneurship that counters the prevailing entitlement mentality.
  3. "We're battling all these politicians and trying to improve things. This program, this youth entrepreneurship program is such a soul filler, just so meaningful and so fun to work on." - Connor Boyack on the personal fulfillment he derives from the Children’s Entrepreneur Market.


The episode with Connor Boyack is a powerful testament to the potential of entrepreneurial education as a means of spreading liberty. The Children's Entrepreneur Market program stands out as an innovative approach that not only empowers children with essential business skills but also plants the seeds of free-market values in the next generation. Boyack's work reminds us that the fight for freedom can be both joyous and impactful, providing a beacon of hope amid the often grim landscape of current events. This episode underscores the importance of engaging with and educating youth, as they are integral to the enduring defense of liberty.


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