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Challenging the Climate Consensus: Getagripa on Climate Hysteria in Business

Challenging the Climate Consensus: Getagripa on Climate Hysteria in Business

Feb 19, 2024

Challenging the Climate Consensus: Getagripa on Climate Hysteria in Business

Key Takeaways

Getagripa, the guest, is an architect with a 36-year residence in London and a 30-year tenure running her own architectural practice. She chose to appear as an avatar due to the potential risks to her business that could stem from openly expressing her dissenting views on climate change narratives and proposed government interventions, which she finds unrealistic and unhelpful for humanity.

Getagripa's journey into climate skepticism began in the early 2000s, catalyzed by an article featuring views of Nigel Lawson and David Bellamy, challenging the consensus on global warming. Lawson's book "An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming" became a cornerstone for Getagripa's perspective, wherein Lawson posits that human-induced warming is negligible and potentially beneficial. The discussion also delved into the media's role in shaping the discourse, highlighting institutions like the BBC and their internal policies that shaped coverage on climate change.

Getagripa's skepticism intensified when she observed the educational system indoctrinating children with one-sided views on climate change. She noted the adverse reaction from the public and her peers when she questioned the prevailing climate change narrative, even leading her to hide climate crisis books from students to prevent what she considered brainwashing.

Getagripa criticized the construction industry's response to climate change, including the demand for architects to undertake additional reports and courses on sustainability and the environment, which she views as propaganda. She expressed her intention to challenge the compulsory courses by attending and providing critical feedback.

A positive note in the podcast was Getagripa's engagement with a group of students who were open to alternative views on climate change, suggesting that there's hope for more balanced discussions in the future.

Best Quotes

  1. "I do not agree with the current popular discourse on climate. I do not agree that the proposals suggested, the restrictions the governments are proposing are realistic or helpful for humanity." - Getagripa, expressing her core disagreement with mainstream climate policies.
  2. "I resent the word 'climate denier'... Nobody's denying there is a climate. What does that mean? It's just to put people like me down, just to bully us, actually." - Getagripa on the pejorative labeling of climate change skeptics.
  3. "It is literally impossible to build and not omit CO2. It just isn't possible." - Getagripa on the unrealistic expectations of the construction industry in the context of climate change.
  4. "I used to pick [climate crisis books] up, fold them, and hide them so that the kids wouldn't be brainwashed because they were brainwashing the children." - Getagripa, sharing her concerns about the one-sided education on climate issues.


The podcast episode with Getagripa provided a nuanced perspective on the climate change debate, highlighting the challenges faced by professionals who hold contrarian views. Getagripa's experiences and observations underscore the social and professional risks associated with questioning the established climate change narrative. Her story is a testament to the need for open discourse and critical examination of widely accepted beliefs and policies. The episode serves as a reminder that dissenting voices can play a crucial role in combatting destructive climate policies around the world.


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