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Climate Alarmists Attempt to Censor Film Debunking Climate Hysteria

Climate Alarmists Attempt to Censor Film Debunking Climate Hysteria

Apr 1, 2024
Climate Realism

Climate Alarmists Attempt to Censor Film Debunking Climate Hysteria

A new documentary titled "Climate: The Movie," produced by Tom Nelson and directed by Martin Durkin, has been released on various online platforms, including Vimeo, YouTube, and Rumble, generating millions of views and a multitude of reactions. The film, which has been available for just over a week, features a roster of esteemed scientists such as Nobel Laureate John Clauser, MIT's emeritus professor of meteorology Richard Lindzen, and NYU's theoretical physicist Steven Koonin.

Maxime Bernier, the founder and leader of the People’s Party of Canada, called the documentary an essential watch on X, praising it for exposing what he views as the deceit and self-interest behind climate alarmism. Wide Awake Media echoed this sentiment, describing the film as the "final nail in the coffin for the ‘human-induced climate change’ scam."

Dutch science journalist Maarten Keulemans dismissed the film as "full of crap" on X. Calls for censorship emerged, with Eliot Jacobson, a retired professor, advocating for mass reporting of the film on YouTube due to what he considers harmful and misleading content. In response, Vimeo removed the documentary, citing a violation of their guidelines, a move that was publicly challenged by Nir Shaviv, a physics professor and participant in the film.

Martin Durkin told The Epoch Times that the issue at hand goes beyond climate debates, suggesting a broader suppression of skepticism, particularly in mainstream media. He and producer Tom Nelson expressed concerns about a one-sided censorship dynamic favoring climate alarmists. Nelson pointed out that those questioning the mainstream climate narrative are not calling for censorship of opposing views but rather are inviting open debate.

After the film's removal from Vimeo, Durkin reached out to the platform and the documentary was reinstated approximately 12 hours later, with no explicit reason given. Vimeo was not the only platform to take action against the film; YouTube also removed it from the Food Lies channel, later requiring special permission for reposting and adding a contextual warning about climate change with a link to a United Nations website.

Nelson suspects that Google may also be shadow-banning the movie's website, though he admits this cannot be confirmed. Both Durkin and Nelson credit the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk with aiding in the dissemination of the film, suggesting that social media censorship has become less of a hurdle.

Durkin outlined what he perceives as a social cost to challenging the prevailing climate narrative, citing personal experiences of ostracism and professional setbacks following his 2007 film "The Great Global Warming Swindle." He connects the pushback to a "New Class" of individuals who have built their careers on the climate issue and hold significant influence within publicly funded institutions.

Originally reported by The Epoch Times


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