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Carbon Taxes And Credits Are The Biggest Scam Going Right Now

Carbon Taxes And Credits Are The Biggest Scam Going Right Now

Apr 17, 2024
Marty's Ƀent

Carbon Taxes And Credits Are The Biggest Scam Going Right Now

The obsession with carbon by climate hysterics and opportunists who see the perceived "crisis" as a way to siphon money away from individuals and toward Wall Street ghouls and broke governments is leading humanity down a treacherous path. Despite the fact that carbon credit schemes have proven to be woefully fraudulent, there is a concerted effort to make sure carbon credit markets mature and that actors within the economy are forced to interact with them lest they get hit with some sort of carbon excise tax.

Earlier this morning I published an episode of the TFTC podcast with Whitney Webb and Mark Goodwin that dove into the carbon credit scheme that will be coming to the market over the next few months. I highly recommend you freaks check that out to get a better understanding of what those pushing carbon markets have in store for you and large swaths of land around the world.

Carbon taxes and carbon credit markets have two massive negative externalities; they make everything more expensive and they give undeserved levels of control to governments and market makers. Our friends up north in Canada are already feeling the pain of carbon taxes.

As the lovely lady in the video above explains, these carbon taxes will be insanely inflationary. If you didn't watch the video she shares a petrol bill from truck driver who spent $6,692 CAD to fill up his tank. The actual cost of the diesel was a little over $4,000 CAD, but he wound up paying ~$2,500 on top of that in taxes, with more than half of that driven by fuel charges, which taken into account the "carbon intensity" of the particular blend of oil. That truck is most likely carrying goods to some final destination that will be delivered to an end customer or to a retailer or wholesaler who will take the product and sell it to an end customer.

With all of these added charges from carbon taxes those costs will be passed on to a Canadian consumer who is already being absolutely crushed by inflation. When people are impoverished and unable to attain the goods and services necessary for them to be productive throughout the economy so that they can become self-sufficient they are more easily controlled. Fucked at both ends. Priced out of the market while being prevented from acting in the way that they see fit. This is a very potent attack on freedom and autonomy.

It seems that the governments of the world and the Wall Street types that are set to massively benefit from the highly corruptible carbon markets are dead set on plowing ahead with this insanity. It is imperative that people push back against this particular form of insanity. Ridicule the hysterics, politicians and Wall Street ghouls who are attempting to prohibit your freedoms. Fight tooth and nail to prevent the government from forcing the productive people who provide the goods and services that make your life possible to charge you more for their goods and services.

All of the money that is taken from the productive class via carbon taxes and carbon credit markets will be used to enrich the parasitic class.

Final thought...

I've been having vivid dreams that I actually remember recently.

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