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Block Announces Completion of 3nm Bitcoin Mining Chip

Block Announces Completion of 3nm Bitcoin Mining Chip

Apr 23, 2024
Bitcoin Mining

Block Announces Completion of 3nm Bitcoin Mining Chip

Block has recently announced the completion of its advanced 3nm Bitcoin mining chip, marking a significant step forward in its mining hardware project. The company has finished the development of the chip and is now in the final stages of design completion with a top-tier global semiconductor foundry.

As stated in a blog post by Block, "We are pleased to announce that we have finished development of our three-nanometer (nm) bitcoin mining chip and are in the process of completing a full tapeout of the design with a leading global semiconductor foundry. Additionally, with our chip design complete, we are excited to share that we are developing a full bitcoin mining system."

Block's initiative is aimed at decentralizing the supply of Bitcoin mining hardware and the distribution of the network's hashrate. The company's 3nm chip is designed to deliver top-tier performance, essential for mining operations during the current fifth mining epoch, which followed the recent fourth Bitcoin halving event.

The company is not only offering the standalone mining chip but is also preparing to launch a comprehensive mining system leveraging its extensive experience in product and software development, system engineering, supply chain management, and aftermarket support. This initiative is expected to spur innovation in the mining industry and address the need for new mining systems and use cases.

To ensure the system meets the needs of the mining community, Block is actively seeking feedback and has reached out to miners for their insights on issues and challenges faced with existing solutions. The areas of interest for feedback include pre-sales discovery, purchasing processes, hardware reliability, maintenance, software features, transparency, and post-sale support.

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