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Bitcoin++ ecash Edition Hits Berlin This October

Bitcoin++ ecash Edition Hits Berlin This October

May 16, 2024

Bitcoin++ ecash Edition Hits Berlin This October

The bitcoin++ conference series, known for attracting audiences keen on delving into advanced Bitcoin technology, has announced a complete sell-out of its early-bird tickets for the upcoming event in Berlin. The conference is set to take place from October 10 to 12, 2024, and will focus on the burgeoning ecosystem of decentralized exchange and the integration of anonymous infrastructure into the Bitcoin protocol.

"Join us in Berlin this coming October to explore the exploding ecosystem of decentralized exchange on top of the mintiest, anonymous infrastructure that's being added to the Bitcoin sovereign stack," bitcoin++ announced.

Niftynei, a representative of the organization, took to social media to express astonishment at the rapid ticket sales: "ok this is a bitcoin++ first: we've sold out of our super early-bird tickets for berlin on the first day of setting up ticket sales 🤯. it's not too late to get a cheap ticket for our 3-day event this October!"

The actual venue in Berlin is yet to be decided. Additionally, bitcoin++ has revealed plans for future events in Florianopolis, Brazil, in January 2025, and Austin, Texas, in April 2025.

At present, the Berlin conference is preparing to welcome attendees to discuss, learn, and contribute to the conversation on decentralized exchange and the advanced features being incorporated into Bitcoin's infrastructure.


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