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Bitcoin Mining Game Theory

Bitcoin Mining Game Theory

Dec 12, 2023
Bitcoin Basics

Bitcoin Mining Game Theory


In the ever-evolving landscape of Bitcoin mining and its associated technologies, discussions around the future of transaction fees, mining revenue, and the interplay between miners and layer-two solutions like the Lightning Network are of paramount importance. These discussions not only shape the incentives for individual miners but also have broader implications for the Bitcoin network's security and scalability. In this post, we delve into the complexities and perspectives within the Bitcoin mining community, exploring the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


The conversation touches on the dynamics between Bitcoin miners and the Lightning Network, particularly concerning transaction fees and the sustainability of mining revenue. There is a debate about whether high transaction fees on the Bitcoin blockchain are a long-term inevitability and whether businesses or individuals will continuously pay these fees without seeking alternatives.

The discussion also covers the recent vulnerabilities in the Lightning Network, such as the pinning attack, and the impact of these issues on the core development community. There is a sense of disharmony among developers, with different teams having divergent approaches to scalability and security.

Miners' concerns about future revenues, especially with the upcoming Bitcoin halving, are also a topic of discussion. The halving will reduce block rewards, and miners are contemplating how this will affect their profitability and the overall health of the Bitcoin network.

Lastly, the conversation shifts to the potential for jurisdictional arbitrage within the United States, as states like Texas become havens for Bitcoin businesses due to their pro-business and pro-Bitcoin stance.

Key Takeaways

  • Transaction fees are a critical component of mining revenue, and there is ongoing debate about the sustainability of high fees on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • The Lightning Network's vulnerabilities, such as the pinning attack, have caused concern and debate among developers, leading to discussions about the network's future direction.
  • The upcoming Bitcoin halving presents both challenges and opportunities for miners, as they must consider the impact on their profitability and the network's security.
  • States like Texas are becoming attractive destinations for Bitcoin businesses, offering a regulatory environment that supports innovation and growth in the industry.

Best Quotes

  • "I think memorializing your transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain should be expensive. And it's going to be expensive."
  • "Miners don't really care about revenues; they care about profitability."
  • "We're expecting an ample amount of mining revenue to exist coming from transaction fees, we're expecting someone to voluntarily pay that and build a business around that."
  • "I think we could apply Jevon's Paradox to a Bitcoin UTXO... You can do more with less with a Bitcoin UTXO."
  • "I'm excited to see that people are just debating [Bitcoin fees] and talking about it more openly."
  • "It feels great to be a Bitcoiner in Texas."


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