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Bitcoin's Unshakable Stance Against Wall Street's Influence with Caitlin Long

Mar 13, 2024

Bitcoin's Unshakable Stance Against Wall Street's Influence with Caitlin Long

Bitcoin's Unshakable Stance Against Wall Street's Influence with Caitlin Long

Key Takeaways

The podcast episode features a discussion between Nik Bhatia and Caitlin Long, focusing on the recent developments in the Bitcoin space, particularly the launch of Bitcoin ETFs and their implications for the market. Caitlin Long provides her expert insights on how the ETFs have attracted massive capital inflow, a testament to the optimistic predictions by Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The conversation delves into the dynamics of the ETF market, highlighting the shift in wealth management from mutual funds and hedge funds to ETFs, primarily due to fee structures and the ease of passive investing. Caitlin points out that ETFs have become the preferred product because they align with the fee-based advisory model prevalent in wealth management today.

The SEC's decision to prohibit the lending of the underlying Bitcoin collateral in these ETFs is commended, as it ensures that the demand reflected is genuine and not amplified by leverage at the base layer. Caitlin suggests that while leverage games may occur at higher layers, they are initially prevented at the foundational level by the SEC's ruling.

The discussion also touches on the impact of wirehouses, such as Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, on future Bitcoin demand as they begin to offer Bitcoin ETFs to their clients. Caitlin indicates that this could lead to significant capital inflow into Bitcoin, as these large wealth management firms have not yet fully entered the market.

Furthermore, the episode analyzes the state of secondary markets for Bitcoin, explaining how over-the-counter (OTC) desks operate and the fragmented nature of the global Bitcoin market, which can lead to price volatility and gaps. Caitlin Long shares her observations on the recent price movements in Bitcoin and associated mining stocks, adding nuance to the mechanisms of market demand and supply.

Lastly, Caitlin Long discusses her involvement with Custodia Bank, a Bitcoin custodian and bank, and their unique approach to custody, which adheres to Satoshi's original ethos by allowing for the segregation of individual UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs), thus preserving the clarity of property rights for Bitcoin owners.

Best Quotes

  1. "Markets have a way of screwing you with just random headfakes." – Caitlin Long reflects on the unpredictable nature of markets, particularly in relation to the initial reaction to the Bitcoin ETF launch.
  2. "When a fund manager charges no fees, how are they making their money? The answer is they are making money. It's through the sideways channels that are not as transparent." – Caitlin Long on the hidden revenue streams in no-fee funds.
  3. "The demand for bitcoin's ETF is quite large... It's a different pipe to bitcoin that has been opened, and it's a very wide pipe, and there's a lot of potential money that's coming in." – Caitlin Long on the significant impact of Bitcoin ETFs on market demand.
  4. "Wall street will never be able to control bitcoin." – Caitlin Long asserts the decentralized ownership of Bitcoin as a safeguard against Wall Street's potential influence.
  5. "The base layer bitcoin blockchain is the Michael Saylor today called bitcoin apex property. You don't own the apex property if you own a bitcoin ETF because you're just owning the real thing in a wrapper." – Caitlin Long on the distinction between owning actual Bitcoin and owning it through an ETF.


The podcast episode with Caitlin Long sheds light on the profound effects of Bitcoin ETFs on the market, attracting unprecedented capital and potentially paving the way for mainstream adoption. The analysis of the ETF structure, SEC regulations, and the fragmented nature of the Bitcoin market provides listeners with a deep understanding of the complexities involved in Bitcoin trading and custody.

The overarching message of the episode is one of cautious optimism, recognizing the benefits of the new financial products while remaining vigilant about the potential risks associated with leverage and market manipulation. The conversation also underscores the importance of understanding the nuances of market structures and the role of regulatory bodies in shaping the future of Bitcoin investing.

As we look toward future discussions, it will be crucial to monitor how Bitcoin ETFs evolve and their long-term impact on the market, especially as institutional players and wirehouses increasingly participate. Caitlin Long's insights serve as a valuable guide for navigating these changes and highlight the continued importance of adhering to the principles of Bitcoin's decentralized ethos.


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