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Bitcoin Developers Prevail as Craig Wright Ends Lawsuit in UK High Court

Bitcoin Developers Prevail as Craig Wright Ends Lawsuit in UK High Court

Apr 18, 2024

Bitcoin Developers Prevail as Craig Wright Ends Lawsuit in UK High Court

Craig Wright has officially discontinued a lawsuit through his holding company, Tulip Trading, against 12 Bitcoin developers and others in the UK High Court. This marks the end of a nearly decade-long period of legal confrontations that many viewed as a campaign of harassment and intimidation.

The lawsuit's discontinuance follows the ruling in a related "Identity Trial" that sought to ascertain whether Wright was indeed Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. The UK judge offered a resounding four-part opinion on March 14, stating unequivocally that Wright was not the creator of Bitcoin, nor was he the author of the Bitcoin white paper or the initial versions of the Bitcoin software. The evidence presented during the trial suggested that Wright had fabricated an elaborate history and produced forged documents to support his claims. highlighted the broader implications of the Tulip Trading case, noting that it had "existential implications not just for the Bitcoin network but for open source software more broadly." There was concern that the outcome of the lawsuit could have set a precedent for whether developers could be held liable for their contributions to open source projects.

Acknowledging the decision to drop the lawsuit, the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund wrote, "Wright’s discontinuance is an important victory for developers named in the Tulip Trading lawsuit and the entire Bitcoin community." The statement reflects relief in the developer community who, for years, felt the weight of Wright's legal actions and the risk it posed to their willingness to contribute to the Bitcoin network.

The lawsuit's discontinuation also comes after Wright dropped an appeal against Hodlonaut in Norway and faced a worldwide freezing order on 6 million British pounds of his assets by a UK judge to prevent him from moving them offshore.

Wright's relentless legal actions elicited strong words from Mr. Alexander Gunning, KC, who represented the developers. Gunning described Wright as a "charlatan" and underscored the "actual harm" caused by his campaign against the developers. Wright's aggressive tactics had led some Bitcoin contributors to cease their work on the project, fearing they might become targets of his litigation.

With the discontinuation of the Tulip Trading lawsuit, Bitcoin developers can breathe a sigh of relief and continue to work on the groundbreaking network without the looming threat of litigation. The conclusion of this legal battle is seen as a victory for not only the individuals involved but also for the principles of open source development.

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