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Bitcoin Pumps As Biden Dumps

Bitcoin Pumps As Biden Dumps

Feb 9, 2024
Marty's Ƀent

Bitcoin Pumps As Biden Dumps

The last 12-hours will be looked back upon as a pivotal moment in world history. That may seem like an outlandish statement, but when you consider the juxtaposition of Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin with President Biden's train wreck of a press conference in which he proved without a shadow of a doubt to be mentally incapacitated it is glaringly obvious that the US federal government is in an extremely weak position. A vulnerable position that signals to the rest of the world that they need to seriously consider whether or not the United States federal government is equipped to lead in any capacity.

Last night's incoherent rambling will be viewed in retrospect as the straw that broke the camel's back. The incoherent rambling has been a problem since before Biden took office. However, the culmination of the economic stress that Americans are currently under, the border crisis, and the unavoidable comparison to Putin - who Biden has been engaged in a proxy war with for two years - are too much to overcome. The lack of awareness from the Biden administration to allow Sleepy Joe to give an emergency press conference just as millions of people were sharing and watching clips on social media of Putin and commenting on how articulate he is will be seen as the biggest political miscalculation of the Biden regime. It is so egregious that one has to wonder whether or not it was intentional. The Deep State pulling the strings sees the writing on the wall and decided to put Joe out of his misery with one last humiliation ritual so they can get a more coherent puppet in front of the American people before the election in November.

The only thing you can do is laugh. The clown show better known as American politics has become the laughingstock of the world and you should laugh along with everyone else. However, when you are done laughing it would be wise to take some time to think about what this particular inflection point means and how to benefit from it despite the fact that it may mean the end of America's political dominance on the world stage.

To be clear, I believe there is a big enough contingent of American citizens that still have that dog in them. There are plenty of competent, clear minded Americans out there who can help steer the ship back toward calmer waters without having to depend on the federal government. They simply need to take control of their destiny and start making decisions that remove the federal government's influence from their lives. This may seem like an impossible task, but there is a very low hanging fruit that individuals can pick off the branch to create some distance between themselves and a dying government; bitcoin.

via River

The price of bitcoin is up more than 5% over the last twenty four hours. It is highly unlikely that the price movement over the last twelve hours is being driven by the events of last night. There are multiple disparate factors that drive the price of a very liquid scarce asset that trades 24/7/365. However, it is impossible to ignore the poetic timing of this particular rise in price. It's almost as if God is sending the world a message, "Now that it is clear to you that the politicians have lost control, maybe you should pay attention to bitcoin."

In a world in which bitcoin exists, you are not powerless against the whims of a central government that has lost control. Bitcoin empowers individuals with one of the most potent tools they could ever wish to leverage, a monetary system completely separated from the centrally controlled system operated by incompetent and corrupt central bankers and politicians who live and breath off the fumes emanating from pervasive moral hazard. Money is the most powerful tool in the world and for well over a century it has been co-opted and gate kept by a select few who have no interest in making sure your life is as fruitful and fulfilling as it should be.

Bitcoin allows you to take this power back in a sly roundabout way. Instead of having to forcibly take the power of the purse from the government and central banks and return it to the free market you can peacefully opt-in to a far superior system that cannot be corrupted by central planners.

Despite the fact that we have a president who cannot speak and things may seem more dire than they have been in generations, it is morning in America if you are willing to take agency over your life by removing the government's influence over your money.

We're winning.

Final thought...

My boys are beginning to rough house and I feel the urge to buy a ref's whistle.

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