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Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Nov 1, 2023

There is no getting around it, freaks. If you look at the world through a particular lens, it is impossible to ignore the signs of cultural, economic and political rot that are seemingly all consuming in today's day and age. The 21st century has been marred by endless wars, economic stress, and a tearing of the social fabric that have worked together to push the Common Man to the edge. It is impossible to ignore the darkness in the world at times and the inability to ignore leads to hopelessness.

This feeling of hopelessness derives from the misconception that you are helpless. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are certainly helpless if you believe that the solutions to the chaos you witness from the particular lens you are looking through will come from a government or the goodwill of society. No one is coming to save you. However, you can save yourself. In fact, the only way to turn the deep feelings of helplessness into positive action is to believe that you yourself can effectuate change in your own life. The tools to make your world a better place are at your fingertips. All you have to do is use them. And if a critical mass of people make the conscious decision to take advantage of the tools at their fingertips, they can make the world a better place.

These tools include something as simple as using your own voice - speaking your mind and what you know to be true in a world dominated by self-censorship, and something as powerful as bitcoin - which allows you to asymmetrically protect your own wealth against those who would like to debase it, confiscate it, and wholly control it.

Taking things a bit further, the helplessness many feel is also driven by the utterly ludicrous belief that those in power actually have control over everything. Control is ceded to them via docile complacency of the masses and a massive overestimation of their legitimacy. The people "in power", if you decide to hold them to account, have absolutely no legitimacy. In most cases, they are old, they are lame, they are objectively insane and they are driven by darkness. A darkness that attracts absolute cretins who have no business dictating how others should live their lives. The evidence is pervasive and very obvious when you take the proper step back to evaluate it on its merits.

Here are a few examples:

Elizabeth Warren is a pompous lunatic who is attempting to make people believe that non-custodial wallets are "evermore sophisticated technology". She either doesn't know that non-custodial wallets are one of the most rudimentary aspects of the bitcoin network. People interacting with bitcoin only did so via non-custodial wallets until the "evermore sophisticated technology" known as bitcoin exchanges and other third party custodial solutions were brought to market. As it stands right now, more people use non-custodial wallets than custodial options to store their bitcoin. This has always been the case and it should remain that way moving forward if we live in a world built on common sense. This woman is old, lame, insane and driven by a darkness that forces her to lie for a living to garner more control.

World leaders proved time and time again that they were woefully ignorant, negligent, and/or nefarious during the COVID vaccine rollout that played out across the globe. Everyone was promised that the jabs were "safe and effective". They proved to be wholly ineffective and rather dangerous. All of these people were (mostly) old, lame, insane and driven by some truly evil darkness that pitted man against man and led many astray. The data to prove this is materializing throughout the insurance industry.

Moving along...

John Kerry would like you to believe that we have to curb agriculture to save the planet from the weather. If we don't put agriculture at "the front an center" of the climate hysteria, we won't get to the nonsensical target of net-zero carbon emissions. This man is old, lame, quite literally insane and driven by a darkness that forces him to induce people to fear something as amorphous and intangible as "the climate".

Mitch McConnell literally can't stand behind a podium during a press conference without having a stroke these days. Yet you are led to believe that his thoughts on funding the war machine are thoughts that you should take seriously. Earlier this week he tried to use a Jedi mind trick to convince the American public that sending money over to Ukraine to continually feed the meat grinder of that particular war is good for the average American because the munitions are being produced on American soil. Helping to stimulate the economy. Don't worry about your conscience and whether or not you're okay with actively contributing to the incentivization of more death in destruction in a land you've never traveled to filled with people you've never met. "Economy go up" is good for you. This man is old, lame, insane and driven by a darkness that wants you to believe that an incalculable amount of human suffering and death is worth the cost.

There are many more examples of the old lames leading society further down the path of insanity because they are driven by an insidious and truly evil darkness, but I have to get some sleep.

The goal of this particular letter is to help you come to the realization that you have agency and the ability to control your own destiny. The fact of the matter is that most people have decided, for some reason or another, to hand their fate to these old, lame and insane people who are driven by darkness. This is befuddling when you consider the fact that there are so many tools that exist today that enable you to ride the light. Bitcoin being just one of them. At the end of the day you can either continue to allow yourself to be absolutely dominated by those riding the wave of darkness, those who have convinced you that they have control over you, or you can take matters into your own hands and hop on the wave riding the light.

The way to begin riding the wave of light is to adopt a winner's mentality. This rag was inspired by the common trope trotted out by bitcoin critics and even some hardcore bitcoiners, "Winning isn't inevitable. The state and the entrenched interests around it can squash us like a bug." In my mind, this is a loser's mindset. You can't beat the darkness unless you believe you can defeat the darkness. You must have confidence in yourself. You must believe in yourself. And you must believe that you are not the only one who recognizes these things and has these feelings. There are millions of other people out there in the world who understand these things in the way that you do. They are instinctual.

"We're going to win" isn't some cocky saying that assumes inevitability. It is the embodiment of the belief in one's self and the power one has to change the world.

All it takes is a decision to act. A decision to let the old, lame, insane people driven by darkness who currently run the world know that you're not taking their shit anymore. You're taking what's yours.

Final thought...

I love my family.


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