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Are Your Tax Dollars Being Allocated Efficiently?

Are Your Tax Dollars Being Allocated Efficiently?

Feb 12, 2024
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Are Your Tax Dollars Being Allocated Efficiently?

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Do you feel as if your tax dollar are being allocated efficiently? I think it is impossible for anyone with a modicum of common sense, no matter what side of the aisle they fall on, to look at the data and say that their tax dollars are being properly and efficiently spent. When 44% of your hard earned money is being shoveled toward servicing a runaway national debt problem and the other 56% is being wasted on haphazard spending across the military-industrial complex, the education-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical-industrial complex and the agricultural-industrial complex, among a slew of other wasteful and downright harmful endeavors like renewable energy credits, it is time to call a spade a spade. The government is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars that would have been allocated more efficiently and resulted in a significant increase in productivity and quality of life if they weren't forcibly taken from the bank accounts of the American people.

To make matters worse, the national debt continues to rise at an alarming rate, which means that this percentage is set to rise. Especially when you consider the fact that the United States economy is currently weathering a tsunami of layoffs despite the attempts by the Biden administration to paint the economy as stronger than ever.

Consumer Credit Hits The Wall
Earlier today the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released a report on the state of consumer credit. Dissecting data across student, auto, mortgage credit card, and other similar types of loans that US consumers have taken out and painting a bleak picture of the state of the average American.

At what point do tax paying American citizens begin to push back against this overt theft and money laundering into unproductive endeavors by the government? You spend your life developing knowledge, skills, a network, maybe a business, and work your hardest to make a good life for yourself only to see one third of your income siphoned off into a black hole of corruption and incompetence that is actively making you, and society at large, worse off. The Founding Fathers took on the British Empire because of a 2% tax on their tea.

It seems that the American taxpayer has more in common with a masochist who likes getting abused by a dominatrix than he does with the people who founded this country. "Thank you sir, may I have another!" He screams as a third of his earnings are taken and thrown at an endless pit of debt that will never be paid back and a gender studies curriculum in Pakistan. Despicable.

The government is robbing Peter to pay Paul, who himself works for the government and has already taken the money that was previously stolen from Peter and given Solyndra a $535 million loan guarantee only to watch the company quickly fall into bankruptcy.

Do you honestly believe the government is getting a return on the large amounts of capital you fork over to them every time you get paid? Do you think that if taxpayers were instead allowed to keep that money and spend it and invest it as they see fit the country would be in a better place? It's time more people start asking these very simple questions with very straightforward answers.

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