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Over Half of Americans Skipping Summer Vacations Due to Financial Struggles

Over Half of Americans Skipping Summer Vacations Due to Financial Struggles

May 23, 2024

Over Half of Americans Skipping Summer Vacations Due to Financial Struggles

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, marking the start of the traditional summer vacation season in the United States, a new Fox News poll indicates that many Americans will not be embarking on leisure travel this year. The primary reason cited is financial constraints.

The poll, which was conducted from May 10 to 13, involved a sample of 1,126 registered voters. The results show that 55% of respondents have no travel plans for the summer. Among this group, a striking 73% reported that they lack the necessary funds for vacation, while 15% stated that time constraints are preventing them from taking time off.

This represents an increase from 2010 when only 51% of those staying home attributed it to financial issues, and 20% cited lack of time. The current economic climate also weighs heavily on those who are planning to travel, with nearly three-quarters acknowledging that higher prices are influencing their travel decisions, including one-third who consider prices to be a significant factor.

The survey further highlights the widespread concern over rising costs, with 84% of participants indicating that gas prices pose a problem for their family, including 49% who see it as a major problem. Grocery prices are of even greater concern, with 89% finding them problematic and 62% labeling them a major issue. Other areas of concern include health care, utility costs, and housing costs.

The poll also reveals demographic disparities in summer travel plans. College-educated voters, younger voters under 30, and households with an annual income above $50,000 are more likely to travel. In contrast, women, voters without a college degree, seniors over 65, and households earning less than $50,000 are predominantly opting not to vacation.

Political affiliations seem to have a minor impact on travel decisions, as similar majorities of Democrats (52%), Republicans (56%), and independents (60%) report they will not be traveling this summer.

This Fox News poll underscores the financial stress on many Americans and the consequent impact on their summer vacation plans. The broad economic issues affecting travel plans remain a significant challenge for many households across the nation.

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