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Africa's Struggle Against Imposed Green Energy Mandates

Africa's Struggle Against Imposed Green Energy Mandates

Apr 24, 2024

Africa's Struggle Against Imposed Green Energy Mandates

The stark repercussions of Western-imposed green energy policies on Sub-Saharan Africa have been brought to light, revealing a grim picture of how environmental policies can perpetuate poverty. The Epoch Times has highlighted the dire situation in which these policies have not only stifled economic growth but reversed decades of progress within the continent.

The Epoch Times

The report begins with a poignant portrayal of elderly Kenyan women, who, in the absence of modern agricultural technology, must resort to manual labor to tend their crops. This is a direct consequence of the Kenyan president adhering to International Monetary Fund (IMF) mandates to cut subsidies for fuel, fertilizer, and electricity in a bid to 'combat global warming.' This decision has left the local farmers without the necessary tools to efficiently cultivate their land, severely impacting their yield and ability to earn a livelihood.

As a result, these farmers are trapped in a cycle of poverty, unable to afford the very technologies that could alleviate their plight. The international community's push for sustainability has inadvertently led to the banning of fossil fuel development in Africa. This has been done under the premise that alternative sources like wind and solar could fill the gap—a proposition that fails to acknowledge the immediate needs for energy and agricultural productivity in these regions.

The report criticizes the IMF, World Bank, and other major financial institutions for their refusal to fund coal, natural gas, or oil projects in Africa, citing former President Obama’s warning that if living standards in Africa were to catch up with the rest of the world, it would lead to environmental disaster. This stance is seen as hypocritical, emanating from entities and individuals from already wealthy nations.

The solution proposed is straightforward: Africa should reject the climate mandates and follow India's example, which has focused on increasing its coal, oil imports, and fertilizer production to successfully boost crop yields and achieve food export status.

However, the grip of international aid and influence in Africa is tight, with many countries economically dependent on these external funds, effectively rendering them near-colonies. China emerges as a paradoxical beacon of hope, willing to fund everything from coal projects upwards, though with its own set of geopolitical strings attached.

The green energy narrative is causing significant harm in places like Sub-Saharan Africa. The report urges a reevaluation of these policies, lest they continue to undermine the economic independence and growth of developing nations.

The Epoch Times Report


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