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A Closer Look At Crypto "Influencers"

A Closer Look At Crypto "Influencers"

Dec 6, 2023

A Closer Look At Crypto "Influencers"

First. Let me say, that I had no idea who this person was until this tweet popped up on my feed. As I was scrolling I couldn't help to watch because my first thought was, "No one rich would let their TV cords just be flailing around in the back of a video like a tube man outside of a car dealership."

So I dug deeper and found out who this person is.

Then I thought. Maybe she is a good day trader, she does have 600k followers. Maybe it was a clumsy maid who left those TV cords just sitting there. No harm no foul. The gambler in me said lets join the "Vixen of The Vix's" telegram chat and ape into everything she says. But then the good angel popped up onto my shoulder and he whispered "Dig deeper."

Ok. No finance degree or CS degree. No big deal. Roaring Kitty didn't have a finance degree and he made one of the greatest trades of all time. (well he did have a finance degree but we are talking semantics in the game of crypto influencers) But I have heard of "Queens College" before. I couldn't quite figure out where so the good angel popped up on my shoulder again and said "Dig deeper."

Oh shit! She went to the same college as E from Entourage and George Costanza?!? Crazy right?! A journalism major, posting acting videos, who went to the same school as two of the great TV characters of all time?! I whipped out my credit card, I had her private telegram ready to go like I was about to pay Ruby Rose 60k on Only Fans and the good angel popped up again and said "Dig deeper."

Oh hell no. You might be able to sneak by your run-of-the-mill Miami apartment or your fake college degree, but no one, I mean no one with money has their brother wearing 3 for $45.00 Hugo Boss T-shirts. Especially in photos you post on the internet. That is unforgivable. No real "crypto" influencer would let that fly.

Sadly, we will all have to just go back to buying bitcoin and laughing at these people on twitter. It is a cruel, cruel, world.


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